Amazon delivery driver found dead outside Missouri home after being viciously attacked by dogs

Amazon delivery driver found dead outside Missouri home after being viciously attacked by dogs

By Divya Kishore

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MISSOURI: A probe has been launched into the death of a delivery driver for Amazon by the Ray County Sheriff’s Office. The unidentified person was reportedly discovered dead in the front yard of a house and it has been speculated that he died after being mauled by dogs.

FOX4 reported that the cops arrived to find the body on Monday evening, October 24, 2022, after they received a call regarding an Amazon van that had been pulled up in a house’s front off Highway O for many hours. After examining the body, detectives noted that the driver’s fatal injuries seemed to be the result of an animal attack “and dogs were spotted on scene that appeared to be aggressive,” the television station stated.

It has been said that both the dogs — a German shepherd and an English mastiff —- were shot dead by the officers. Sheriff Scott Childers remarked, “Due to the fact of the nature of some of the injuries to the male driver, we can’t confirm or deny if they were the cause of the death of the driver, however, we wanted to be safe.”

Amazon is “looking into this horrible tragedy and will work with law enforcement as they continue to investigate,” FOX4 added. Amazon spokesperson Lisa Levandowski told NBC News, “We’re deeply saddened by tonight’s tragic incident involving a member of our Amazon family and will be providing support to the team and the driver’s loved ones. We are assisting law enforcement in their investigation.”

Meanwhile, a journalist named Russell Colburn shared the incident on Twitter, attracting a few concerning comments from people. Colburn wrote, “Driver delivering for @amazon found dead near truck after possible dog attack at Excelsior Springs home, Ray County sheriff says. @fox4kc has a live report from the scene at 9.”


A user tweeted below his post, “As a Flex driver for @Amazon , this is slightly concerning..” The second user wrote, “Awful.” The third one said, “And Amazon prevents their drivers from owning firearms to protect themselves… maybe they should be on the hook too?” The fourth one noted, “I guess it’s time to resign from Amazon.”

Another person tweeted, “Wondering if the dog owners will be prosecuted for the dogs’ attack? also wondering if amazon pays survivor benefits to employees families when they clearly refuse to pay a living wage?”

“The funny thing is that this driver may not even be a direct employee of Amazon and could be one of the non employee contract drivers. This is so disheartening, accepting all these kinds of gig work and your family gets nothing in situation like this. Just terrible situation” one wrote.

Another said, “Yeah the dogs, I would love to know what happens to the owners who are the real responsible  for this. Maybe they should face consequences too?”

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