WTF! PEEWEE football gets real as Falcons mascot attacks player in bizarre scenes

WTF! PEEWEE football gets real as Falcons mascot attacks player in bizarre scenes

By Jenny Anna Mathew

During halftime of an NFL peewee game between a team of mascots and the Atlanta Colts, a huge fight broke out. On Sunday, October 23, Freddie the Falcon, Atlanta’s mascot, could be seen fighting a young player as he squared up to him after a tackle.

Atlanta mascots played a supposedly friendly game against the Atlanta Colts during halftime ending in the defeat of the Falcons by the Cincinnati Bengals. During this Freddie, the Falcon could be seen sprinting after the player before tackling him to the ground. This sparked a huge fight as the player retaliated by throwing the ball in the mascot’s face before indulging in a fight and his teammates swarmed onto the field to his defense.


In the video, the mascot ran and approached the player, while squaring up and taunting him before shoving him down. The player stumbled before striking back, smacking the mascot in the face with the ball, the two could be then seen fighting back and forth, before the kid’s teammate on the field ran to his defense but by then the referee rushed over to break the fight.

After the referee separated the group of furious players from the mascot, Freddie Falcon could be seen celebrating as he ran away with his feathered arms in the air in triumph. It is unclear whether Freddie Falcon was playing a joke on the kid or if he was trying to corner the boy. The Falcons suffered a brutal beating of their own as they were already 28-17 down at halftime and went on to lose 35 -17 at the hands of Joe Burrow and Co, reported Daily Mail. Cincinnati Bengals could however be seen rejoicing and celebrating their win.

Cincinnati remained tied with the Baltimore Ravens atop the AFC North standings. The Falcons, who entered the game this week ranked 27th in the National Football League in allowing 385.2 yards per game, were further hindered when they lost starting cornerback AJ Terrell to a hamstring injury in the first quarter. The Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) winners of four of their last five games, featured big plays to score touchdowns on their first four possessions and were never threatened.



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