‘This man right now is having a stare down with me’: Judge in Waukesha Christmas parade massacre trial says suspect ‘makes me scared,’ calls for break

The judge in the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre trial called for a break in Friday’s proceedings, saying suspect Darrell Brooks was staring her down, pounding his fist, and making her afraid, WLUK-TV reported.

What are the details?

Brooks — who is representing himself — continually interrupted prosecuting attorneys, and Judge Jennifer Dorow ran out of patience, the station said.

“I need to take a break,” Dorow said. “This man right now is having a stare down with me. It’s very disrespectful. He pounded his fist. Frankly, it makes me scared. And we’re taking a break.”

Just prior to Dorow’s announcement of the break, a prosecuting attorney was trying to speak and Brooks continually interrupted her.

“One more interruption, and you’re gonna be removed to the next courtroom,” Dorow told Brooks.

“That’s what you wanna do anyway,” Brooks replied.

“It’s not what I wanna do,” the judge replied, again warning Brooks to refrain from interrupting.

When the attorney spoke of Brooks’ “seven prior criminal convictions,” Brooks apparently pounded his fist on a table. Afterward a camera focused on Brooks, who was staring angrily at the judge.

‘This court ain’t got no integrity!’

Dorow also said Brooks was purposely disrupting the proceedings to draw out the trial, WLUK reported, and Brooks replied that he felt extremely disrespected by that.

Interestingly when Brooks asked one of his witnesses — a parade attendee — if he saw who was driving the red SUV through the parade, the man replied, “Yeah, you’re standing right there,” the station said.

When Dorow said Brooks was trying to cast doubt on the integrity of the court, Brooks shouted, “This court ain’t got no integrity!” WLUK reported.

Anything else?

The parade massacre took place November 21, 2021, when the driver of a red Ford Escape plowed through the crowd on the parade route, killing six and injuring nearly 50. Among those badly hurt were 18 children. Among those killed was 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who had been marching in the parade with his baseball team.

If convicted for any of the six murder charges against him, Brooks would get life in prison, WLUK said, adding that he faces 70 other charges as well.

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