My Wife Left a Secret File Open on Our Laptop. Oh My God.

My Wife Left a Secret File Open on Our Laptop. Oh My God.
My (30s M) wife (30s F) and I are both bi. We have a fun and active if pretty vanilla sex life. My laptop broke, so my wife and I have been sharing. I work from home so she made me a user on her laptop until I can get a new one. However, one day she forgot to close a document and I discovered this massive sci-fi/dark fantasy story she has been writing. I wasn’t so surprised because I know she has submitted to magazines in the past and has an interest in sci-fi. What really surprised me was the explicit and highly varied sex scenes.

Same-sex couples, different-sex couples, threesomes, public sex, S and M, pegging, voyeurism, edging and denial, artistic bondage, and sex with androids and aliens, are just some of the sex scenes she has written about. It’s well written, spans across several documents and there are also short stories exploring the different characters’ motivations, personalities, and daily lives (it’s not just sex, there’s a pretty decent plot, too).

I think it’s hot that my wife is into these things! I don’t know how to bring them up to her because clearly, if she wanted me to know, she would have said something. We’ve talked about sex and 85 percent of this stuff didn’t make the list. Should I just say nothing? Or should I suggest trying some of these things myself as if I thought of them? I chose to close the documents and act like nothing happened, but while she’s out I’ve been reading them daily and sometimes use them to get off.

—Should I Just Keep My Mouth Shut?

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