AriZona Iced Tea Founder Pledges to Maintain 99-Cent Price

AriZona Iced Tea Founder Pledges to Maintain 99-Cent Price

Reach Guinto

As reported by CNBC, Chairman and Co-Founder of AriZona Beverages, Don Vultaggio, has vowed to keep AriZona Ice Tea’s 99-cent price point as is, “for as long as we can.”

The affirmation is welcome news to consumers, as inflation continues to overwhelm consumers in the U.S. So despite the volatile economy, AriZona’s 23-ounce cans will maintain its 99-cent price tag, which has remained for the past 30 years.

How AriZona Beverages is able to beat skyrocketing manufacturing costs, though, is through the strategies of avoiding a bloated marketing budget and increasing the number of products sold at lower price points. That’s why you don’t see big budget ads for AriZona Iced Tea and can choose from a robust selection of flavors — all at 99-cents per can.

Such savvy and resourceful strategy is paying off for the billion-dollar beverage company, which can attribute its longevity and fan loyalty to simply a great tasting product at a more than reasonable price.

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