Labor nurse shares awful things baby dads have said

Labor nurse shares awful things baby dads have said

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Birth is supposed to be a time when a team rallies around a laboring mom to give her support as she brings life into the world.

Things that are appropriate and needed: gentle back rubs, breath coaching, words of encouragement, physically holding her up while she’s contracting, letting her crush your hand and not making a peep of complaint.

Anna, who is a labor nurse, has witnessed the other side of the coin, with fathers complaining about being bored, tired, or completely missing the birth of their child.

Anna regularly shares the stories in a series of TikToks and some of the things that baby daddies say and do are shocking.

In the videos, Anna dances around a delivery room, listing the shocking comments dads make while their partners labor.

“Time to get back to the gym,” one dad joked when the placenta wasn’t even delivered yet.

“I don’t want her to get an epidural,” said one dad while another asked the nurse, “Do you think she’s being dramatic?”

“When can we have sex again?”, “Can they throw in an extra stitch for me,” and “I wish she would make that noise for me,” were some revolting, sexual comments dads had made.

Dads also complained about being “so tired”, bored, and played Xbox and napped while their partners were pushing.

Anna has also delivered her fair share of babies with the dad absent.

"Things fathers of the baby have said to me right after the mother gives birth."
Anna has witnessed fathers complaining about being bored, tired, or completely missing the birth of their child.

One dad said he didn’t like hospital food and went out to get himself a bite. “I had a patient and I thought she was going to go fast,” Anna said.

“I told [the dad] I had a feeling, but he told me he didn’t like hospital and he went to get fast food. He missed the birth of his child.”

Another dad’s phone was on silent. “His wife was gracious enough to let him stay home while she labored a little while, but he put his phone on silent because he wanted to get a good nap in.”

One dad left the birth and said he would be back “really quick”. The reason he left? To go to a fantasy football draft.

"Do you think she's being dramatic?"
“My brother said, ‘Calm down’ to my sister-in-law,” recalled one commenter.
"Wish she would make those noises for me."
Anna shared some of the revolting, sexual comments dads had made.

Another left to feed the outdoor cat.

But it wasn’t all bad. Men said a lot of sweet things to their laboring partners too.

“I wish I could take the pain away from you,” said one dad, while another reassured his partner, “I’m here. I won’t leave you.”

Another dad was in awe of his partner and told her, “You are amazing, beautiful and strong.”

Followers were outraged, with her posts attracting tens of thousands of furious comments.

“If my future hubby says, ‘I’m bored’ while I’m in labor, I’m making him deliver the baby instead of me,” one woman said.

“I’m so glad my husband knew to just keep his mouth shut because he would have been cussed out,” said another.

Some shared their own stories.

“My brother said, ‘Calm down’ to my sister-in-law,” said one person.

Another asked how her sister-in-law responded. “She said nothing, she just held my brother’s hair while delivering the baby, the WHOLE time.”

“After my sister had her baby, we drove five hours to see her and her husband said, ‘That was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life’,” shared one woman.

“I knew I wanted a divorce when my ex-husband brought the PS4 when I begged him not to,” said a third person.

“Oh, I have one! ‘You gotta get this done tonight, I’m not staying up all night again,’ TRUE STORY,” said a fourth.

But Anna’s video inspired others to share positive stories.

“My husband said I would never ask you to do that again, then changed every nappy while I rested,” said one woman.

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