Influencer Melissa Mason, 21, Hannah Gallop, 20, reveal why they got breast reduction surgery

Influencer Melissa Mason, 21, Hannah Gallop, 20, reveal why they got breast reduction surgery

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For decades, women have been chasing bigger breasts – but the current generation of 20-somethings are going under the knife in increasing numbers for the opposite reason.

Meissa Mason, 21, and Hannah Gallop, 20, have both opted to get breast reductions in 2022 after years of wanting one.

Women – particularly younger women – are undergoing breast reduction surgery in an attempt of comfort after years of back pain, not wanting to stand out after too much unwanted attention or simply because their breast size does not suit their body.

“One funny thing I noticed after my surgery was when I would go out, less men would come and talk to me or tell me that I looked good [which] made me realize that majority of them were probably just looking at my breasts which is really disgusting and one reason why I got the surgery,” Hannah told

Dr. Anoop Rastogi, president of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, said there has definitely been an anecdotal increase in the procedure.

“There is a range of reasons why younger women are opting for the procedure, but I think the skill in which it is performed has gotten better and it’s become more affordable,” Dr. Rastogi told

Meissa, who has 136.4K followers on TikTok, documented her breast reduction surgery on her social media platform after struggling to find information on it when researching the procedure herself. She hoped her transparent videos would help others feel more informed about their decisions.

Photo of Meissa Mason before her surgery.
Meissa Mason, a TikTok star, has 136,400 followers on the social media platform.

The Wollongong, Australia-based woman was on the borderline of an F and G cup, and was constantly in pain in her back and shoulders. She’d wanted the surgery since she was just 17 years old.

“I also just thought they were way too big for my body,” Meissa told

“It really made getting dressed and buying clothes inconvenient. I could never buy two pieces because the rest of my body was a size 10 and my chest was a size 16.”

Meissa Mason after the surgery.
Meissa Mason decided to get a breast reduction since she experienced pain in her back and shoulders.

After tirelessly researching, Meissa settled on a surgeon and told him she wanted to be a big B cup or a small C cup.

He tried to advise her on a D cup but Meissa insisted on the size she wanted, telling all people undergoing the procedure to advocate for themselves.

“I’m 21, and it is very possible that within the next five years my breasts might grow a little bit more,” she said.

“[After making the videos] I’ve had a lot of people on Tiktok say that they were unhappy with their surgery afterwards, because of suggestions their surgeon gave, like the one that asked if I wanted to be a bit bigger.

“I would say definitely do not listen to that. Listen to what you feel.”

The surgery cost Meissa about $9,000, including the hospital stay and anesthetist, and for years she saved up with her brother and partner helping her live frugally so she could get the funds.

Hannah Gallop before her breast reduction.
Hannah Gallop opted to get a D cup for her breast reduction surgery.

Her healing process has been incredible, with the most painful part being the liposuction healing process around her breasts.

Meissa can’t pinpoint the exact reason so many young women are opting to get this surgery to seek comfort, but said beauty ideals are always changing.

“What is considered the beauty standard for body types shifts in like 15 to 20 years anyway,” she said.

“We’ve had the stick thin with implants, as well as BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift] eras. Then I think a lot more recently we’re seeing a trend in natural body positivity, loving yourself and what you are and less focused on a lot of that type of stuff. And breast reductions may come with it.”

Hannah has a similar story to Meissa, and was told to wait until she was at least 18 as her chest may be growing.

Hannah was also an F cup and in constant pain because of her chest, and she opted to go to a D cup.

“I was a little bit nervous at first as it was my first major surgery … my biggest worry was the pain level and the scars as I can be quite a queasy person,” Hannah, a lash technician, said.

Hannah Gallop after her breast reduction.
Hannah Gallop encouraged other women to go under the knife for a breast reduction if they feel the need to.

“A lot of my family and friends told me I was silly, that I was too young and I would regret the surgery when I’m older.

“Typically my friends said to me ‘Girls pay to get their breasts enlarged, why would you waste what you have’.”

But now, Hannah loves her body and would make the same decision every time as she feels mentally and physically better.

“I think in this current era, young women like myself who have larger breasts struggle as we ‘stand out’,” Hannah said.

Both women encourage others who want the surgery to go for it, but implore each person to do their research.

Dr Rastogi said all people need to qualify for the surgery is a requirement for one and a maturity to understand the impacts, as it can leave scarring.

“They have their eyes open to all of the factors that surround the potential for their results, both the good and bad, and that they are mature in their sense of self, that they can make a decision – or at least helped guide to make a sensible decision as to whether it’s right to do,” he said.

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