Bride angrily tells guests to put phones away as she walks down aisle

Bride angrily tells guests to put phones away as she walks down aisle

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They put a ring on her finger — but only after their ringers went silent.

One bride asked for wedding attendees to put away their phones during the ceremony, and those who didn’t got called out as she ambled down the aisle.

TikTok user and newlywed @_jenngee posted a now-viral clip of herself walking down the aisle telling people to “put your phones away,” even after a sign was posted and bridesmaids reminded guests.

“Since TikTok took down the last one at 1M I thought I’d repost with some clarification,” she captioned the re-uploaded video, “Haters going to Hate but I was surrounded by love this day.”

The clip received over 438,000 views and more than 25,000 likes on TikTok — on top of the alleged one million in a previous post — while users in the comments debated whether or not they would act the same.

Bride on TikTok
The bride did not looked pleased walking down the aisle.
tiktok bride
Commenters agreed with the bride’s choice to have no phones out during the ceremony, but wondered why this bride would waste her energy chiding her friends and family.

“The way I didn’t notice ANYONE when walking down the aisle because I was focused on my groom at the end!” one viewer argued.

“You’re better than me I would have been a little more mean especially if they’ve been told that many times,” another chimed in.

“I’m actually glad people took a lot of pics at my wedding. Some of them are so memorable we got them printed,” offered one person.

“I’m making my fiance announce as well to put their phones away. I’m paying a lot of money for prof. photos. I don’t want your iPhone in their way,” another noted.

In the TikTok clip, the bride also wrote, “Stick up for what you want! Those who love you will still love you.”

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