Kari Lake says she’s ‘talked to other governors’ about forming ‘sovereign’ border enforcement body

Kari Lake says she’s ‘talked to other governors’ about forming ‘sovereign’ border enforcement body

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Elizabeth Elkind,

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said on Sunday that she’s spoken to the leaders of other states about forming an interstate commission to police the border, independently of the federal government.

Her commission would enable the creation of a law enforcement force that’s ‘sovereign’ from the federal government’s Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP).

Arizona, which is a southwestern border state, has been particularly vulnerable to the surge of asylum-seekers coming to the US since President Joe Biden took office.

Lake accused Biden of a ‘lack of leadership’ that’s led to an ‘invasion at our border’ – and warned him against future legal challenges to her proposed multi-state compact.

‘I hope that Joe Biden doesn’t fight us because then it would really look like he is on the side of the cartels. And I don’t think he wants the people to think that,’ Lake told CBS News.

Lake appeared on Face The Nation with less than a month until the November midterm elections, where Lake is locked in a tight race against Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs.

Her campaign website presents a detailed plan for joining ‘like-minded states’ together to form a commission ‘to oversee joint operations along the U.S.-Mexico border, starting in Arizona.’


The compact will make it crystal clear that the states are sovereign and have every right to secure the borders of the United States,’ it says.

It comes after more than two million people were encountered by border officials while trying to cross into the US in the last fiscal year, which just ended on September 30.

Lake told Face The Nation on Sunday that her right to form the ‘interstate commission’ if she wins the governor’s race is backed by the US Constitution.

‘If you know the Constitution, you know that Article 4, Section 4 calls for the federal government to protect us from invasion, and under Joe Biden’s lack of leadership, we just aren’t seeing that,’ Lake said.

‘So we’re going to invoke our Article One, Section 10, basically, authority to take care of our own border and protect our own border. It’s right there in black and white in the Constitution. And we meet all three criteria, we have an invasion, our people are in imminent danger, and time is of the essence.’

Asked if Arizona would be prepared to make the sovereign declaration itself, Lake replied: ‘Yes, we will. But I believe we will get help. I’ve already talked to some other governors and they’re- they’re vowing to help us out wherever they can.’

The Republican media personality also remained defiant over the threat of possible lawsuits.

‘We will challenge the federal government, if they’re going to challenge us,’ Lake said.

‘I think we have the right to do this. And we will have attorneys file lawsuits as well. But we’re not going to back down and let our people be overrun with drugs, watch our children die.’

Under Lake’s plan, her ‘interstate commission’ would establish a new law enforcement force ‘consistent with state law enforcement functions’ to run border security.

It would have authority ‘to arrest, detain, and return illegal immigrants back across the border’ while side-stepping existing federal policy.

Lake’s border force would report to the involved states’ legislatures and update the Department of Homeland Security, which operates CBP.

It’s not clear which state leaders Lake has spoken to about the plans.

A recent CNN poll from last week shows Lake narrowly trailing Democrat Katie Hobbs in the race.

However, neither candidate managed to get a majority of support – Hobbs led with 49 percent of voter backing while Lake followed with 46 percent.


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