The surprising US city that swears the most

The surprising US city that swears the most

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It’s the city that never sleeps — and also rarely swears.

A new study has revealed the cities in the US most likely to regularly swear — with New York ranking amongst the least likely to curse.

The tutoring platform Preply surveyed over 1,500 people living in 30 major cities across the US to pinpoint where profanity prevails. Columbus, Ohio, ranked No. 1 for swearing, with residents swearing an average of 36 times per time per day.

Las Vegas, where residents swear an average of 30 times per day, came in second. In third place is Jacksonville, Fla., where locals express themselves 28 times daily.

New York was way down on the list, tying for 11th place with El Paso and Chicago. Those living in these demure metropolises use an average of 17 curse words a day.

A woman covering her mouth.
A chart showing the cities where people swear the most — and the least.

The report found the typical American swears 21 times per day — but over half the respondents will use a substitution for swear words, such as “fudge,” “heck” and “holy cow.”

“Americans swear and they swear a lot,” the study’s author, Matt Zajechowski, told The Post. “Americans swear at both good news and bad.”

Younger generations are more likely to swear as well, with Gen Zers cursing an average of 24 times a day — more than twice as often as baby boomers.

People in NYC don't swear as much as you may think.
People in NYC don't swear as much as you may think.

Men were also more likely to be profane, with an average of 22 naughty words a day, compared to 18 for the fairer sex.

Zajechowski said he wasn’t surprised by the frequency that profanity is used, but was shocked at the age that people started cursing. The average American reportedly starts swearing at age 11 — except for those in San Jose, Calif., with foul mouth tendencies starting from the age of 9.

According to the survey, men were also more likely to be profane.
Most American's start swearing at age 11.
Most American’s start swearing at age 11.

“I look back to my teenage years and remember swearing myself and hearing friends swear but I felt like it was closer to 16 for me,” he said. “I’m sure television and the internet are to blame.”

While Ohio takes the top spot, residents of Phoenix and Portland, Ore., are the least likely to curse in their day-to-day life, averaging just 14 curse words a day.

The survey also found that most Americans are comfortable with the odd curse word in a public setting and two-thirds think it’s acceptable. Forty-eight percent of respondents admitted to swearing in front of kids and 39% said they’ve dropped some bad words in front of their boss. Oh sh-t.

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