Biden Burns 3,866 Pounds Of Jet Fuel Flying 72 Miles To Deliver Speech

Biden Burns 3,866 Pounds Of Jet Fuel Flying 72 Miles To Deliver Speech

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Jack McEvoy

President Joe Biden on Friday burned 3,866 lbs of jet fuel to fly 72 miles aboard Air Force One to deliver a speech in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Biden’s 40-minute flight to Hagerstown burned about 3,886 lbs of jet fuel as he traveled in a Boeing 757 aircraft, which burns roughly 5,800 lbs of fuel per hour if the aircraft is traveling at the average speed of 598 miles per hour at 35,000 ft, according to Aviation Insider. Biden’s trip to Maryland produced over 12,000 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis.

Biden produced CO2 emissions equivalent to driving 13,678 miles in an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions calculator. A 72-mile journey in the average passenger road vehicle would emit only 58 lbs of carbon emissions as the average car has a fuel efficiency of 24.2 miles per gallon, according to a DCNF analysis.

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND – OCTOBER 07: U.S. President Joe Biden greets employees and guests at Volvo Group Powertrain after delivering remarks about the economy on October 07, 2022 in Hagerstown, Maryland. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Biden declared on Thursday that radical changes were needed in order to “literally save the planet” from climate change during a speech in New York. The president promised in April 2021 to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, compared to 2005 levels, by the end of 2030.

Biden also said in July that the “climate crisis,” caused by carbon emissions is “literally an existential threat” to both the U.S. and the world. The Biden administration is continuing to push its aggressive climate goals that seek to phase out gas-powered cars as well as block oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

In September, Biden flew Air Force One to Delaware to vote in the state’s Democratic primary and produced roughly 16,641 lbs of CO2 emissions in the process.

The White House did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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