Man slapped after proposing with Ring Pop at Toronto Blue Jays game

Man slapped after proposing with Ring Pop at Toronto Blue Jays game

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By Tamaryn McGregor

A public marriage proposal at a Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball game over the weekend went horribly wrong, as shocked spectators watched.

In a viral video that has received over 200,000 views in under 48 hours, a fan can be seen stopping his girlfriend midgame as she walks down the stairs to her seat in the stadium.

The man then pulls his confused girlfriend toward him, kisses her, says “I love you” as he begins to kneel down, leaving the young woman gasping in disbelief with her hand over her mouth, anticipating what would happen next.

The gesture immediately drew the attention of spectators sitting in the Rogers Centre grandstand close by, as people began to pull out their cameras to video what happened next.


Assuming the proposal would be smooth sailing, official camera crew for the game also started videoing the moment to share on the big screens.

The man then kneels on the stairs and pulls a black box out of his left jean pocket and, to the woman’s and crowd’s astonishment, opens the box to reveal a Ring Pop.

Upon seeing the red lollipop ring, the young woman immediately slaps her partner, as Blue Jays fans shriek in horror.

What the f–k is wrong with you,” she says while throwing her drink at the man.

While the details as to whether the proposal was genuine or a prank have yet to be uncovered, social media users were quick to point out an important feature of the video.

It is believed the man had the intention of proposing with a “real” ring after the initial joke and surprise of the Ring Pop, given he had what appears to be another, smaller box in his left pocket.

The proposal video divided viewers on social media, with Reddit users in particular unsure of which camp they should be in and who exactly was at fault for this failed proposal.

“The guy pulled a jerk move. If he cannot be serious for something important imagine what type of clown he is day to day,” said one user.

“That’s an indication of how the rest of his life would go marrying her … move on dude,” agreed another, as hundreds of commenters suggested this was a “big relationship red flag.”

Users were also quick to come to the man’s defense, saying, “You’re crazy if you think the guy is at blame” and “I get that she didn’t like this, but it’s no reason to slap him across the face. Especially in front of thousands.”

Many users also could not wrap their head around the spectacle, assuming it had to be a staged event: “These are usually actors that sports teams bring in nowadays to go viral,” “the explanation, as always, is that it was staged” and “peoples do anything be on TV,” said users.

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