Heroic moment man slaps bear in face to protect family caught on video

Heroic moment man slaps bear in face to protect family caught on video

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This protective papa was cross as a bear.

A video of man slapping a bear in an attempt to save his family while on a walk with their dogs has gone viral.

In the clip, which hit 6.2 million on TikTok, Anthony Mooren, who was initially startled by the bear’s presence, can be seen yelling at the furry intruder while attempting to keep his dog out of harms way.

The confrontation ended rather quickly after Mooren started making loud banging noises — then slapping the bear, causing the animal to retreat.

“Get back, get back,” said Mooren just before he smacked the bear in the face.

It is currently unknown what type of bear they encountered. The Post reached out to Mooren for comment.

Several commenters poked fun of the incredible confrontation

Dude said call an ambulance but not for me,” said one user.

“Grandpa can you tell me the story of the Slap of ‘22,” joked another.

“I’m more afraid of the dude than the bear at this point,” chimed in a third person.

The National Park Service has issued guidelines over what a person should do if they notice a bear nearby, which includes taking in a calm tone so to alert the bear that they are human and not prey.

“Remain still; stand your ground, but slowly wave your arms,” the NPS said.

“It may come closer or stand on its hind legs to get a better look or smell. A standing bear is usually curious, not threatening.”

Humans should remain still as possible until the bear leaves the area as moving might cause the bear to attack, according to the NPS.


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