TNBD wants to say a big THANK YOU for our community for sending us virtual coffees since the introduction of the Buy Me A Coffee plugin on our site.  In case you have not seen it, you should see a pinkish colored coffee cup while you are on TNBD, and it is usually on the lower right of your screen. That coffee cup is safe to click, and it takes you to a place where you can “buy us a coffee” to contribute toward the operation of this site, or just to give us a gift.  Each virtual coffee is five bucks, and you can buy us as many coffees as often as you want.  We chose this app because we found it to be very safe and very anonymous. You can use your credit or debit card without us seeing any of the information; not even your name, and you can enter an email address, which may or may not give us a clue to your identity.  It’s a very secure way to give.

For those who have not bought us a coffee, don’t worry. No pressure. We were just asked by a few in our community for a way to help fund TNBD.

For those of you who have bought us coffee, know that we deeply appreciate it. You’ve surprised us with your generosity. We promised anonymity, and even in those cases where we can guess who you might be based on the email address you supplied, we have not made our thanks to you publicly and personally.  We weren’t sure if you entered your real email address on purpose and thus let us know who you are on purpose or by accident.  Does this make sense?  We think we know who some of your are, but we don’t want to reveal it by saying thanks by name.  So here’s another generic thank you, wink wink.

So keep those coffees coming if you feel like it. We promise that we won’t ban anybody over an empty coffee fund.  Ok?

Have a great time on TNBD!


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