It’s On: Biden Tells Al Sharpton He’s Running Again in 2024

It’s On: Biden Tells Al Sharpton He’s Running Again in 2024


Old Joe Biden will turn 80 next month, and there’s hardly anyone home now: just this past week he scanned around a room while asking the whereabouts of a congresswoman who was killed in August, wandered away from his handlers as they nervously called after him, and declared that “New York sent not only a Congresswoman, one of the most congresswoman in the Congress.” But Joe wants us to believe that when he’s 82, he’ll be hale and hearty and ready to inflict himself upon us for another four years. It’s about as believable as the Democrats’ contention that he is a competent and capable president now.

NBC News reported Monday that Biden actually made it official last month when he told the Democrats’ kingmaker and icon of race-baiting hucksterism, Al Sharpton, “I’m going to do it again. I’m going.” NBC’s Jonathan Allen interprets that to mean that Old Joe has thrown his hat into the ring in 2024, that is, if he had a hat and there were a ring and he could find either one, but it’s actually a rather ambiguous statement. Old Joe could have meant that he was going to do any number of things again: sniff some kid’s hair, show up at a meeting his son Hunter set up for a fancy price, betray the American people, send more illegal migrants into small American communities, lie about why gas prices are so high, send more taxpayer billions to Ukraine, you name it.

Sharpton, however, like Allen, thought Biden’s statement was perfectly clear and pertained unequivocally to 2024; he “informed his National Action Network staff in Washington later that day” that Biden was planning to run again. Biden may have chosen to disclose his plans to Sharpton before telling the world, or to have decided to tell the world through Sharpton, because “in 2020, Black voters were the key to Biden’s comeback in the Democratic primaries, helping him win the pivotal South Carolina contest after he failed to take first place in the first three races in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Three days later, Biden’s overwhelming support among Black voters propelled him to an insurmountable delegate lead on Super Tuesday.” Of course, it helped that Democrat powerbrokers were strong-arming the other contenders and getting them to drop out of the race one by one. They had decided to go with Joe, and that meant that the others had to get out of the way.

After his appalling disaster of a presidency, however, will those Democrat powerbrokers still want Biden as their candidate? They very well may, and not in spite of his obvious weaknesses, but because of them. Biden himself has made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that he is not the man in charge, speaking about how he is going to “get in trouble” with unnamed people if he departs from his script.

Biden is, however, a perfect figurehead: he is clearly incapable of doing the job himself, and so he needs his handlers as much as they need him and isn’t going to weary them and gum up the works by trying to act as president himself. When Barack Obama enthused to Stephen Colbert about how great it would be to have a third term he directed from his basement through a puppet, to whom he gave instructions through an earpiece, his scenario depended upon finding someone compliant enough to act in that role. Dementia-ridden Joe, whether it’s Obama or someone else who is pulling his strings, has no choice.

Biden is the perfect puppet for another reason as well, especially if he runs again and wins in 2024: his manifest incompetence is demoralizing to the American people, as it gives the impression that the dark, sinister forces that Biden works for can’t be defeated and are just rubbing it in now, taunting us with their ability to put anyone, no matter how manifestly ill-equipped, into the White House. If that’s really the case, and if Biden actually does end up continuing to pretend to be president until he’s 86, who will succeed him? John Fetterman?

If America isn’t a smoking ruin by 2028, we’ll see then. In the meantime, it looks as if the nation will be treated in 2024 to more daily indications of Biden’s obvious inability to perform the duties of the job he ostensibly holds. For the elites, that may not be a bug, but a feature. And if it isn’t, the prospect of Kamala Harris in the Oval Office will keep Joe doddering around for a considerable period to come.

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