Groom Cheered for Making Mother-in-Law Leave Wedding Because of Her Perfume

Groom Cheered for Making Mother-in-Law Leave Wedding Because of Her Perfume

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A groom has been backed online for asking his mother-in-law to leave his wedding because of her perfume.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled “AITA for asking my mother-in-law to leave our wedding because her perfume was bothering me?” has been upvoted over 6,000 times since being posted on September 22.

Redditor @Senior_Koala9479 shared the post to the subreddit “Am I the A**hole” and it has been turning heads ever since. The top comment alone has received 10,900 upvotes.

The original poster (OP) revealed he has just got hitched to the “love of his life” and usually gets on “pretty well” with his in-laws. But on their big day, his mother-in-law wore a perfume that caused him to “sniffle” and his eyes began to water during the ceremony.

He added: “It didn’t get worse until after the ceremony when my new mother-in-law hugged me. Itchy eyes, itchy throat, and the headache got added to the mix. My wife asked if I was all right and I told her I think her mother’s perfume was getting to me. We had someone go get some allergy medication. I took one but it didn’t do a whole lot and I started to feel out of it.”

He explained how his reaction to the perfume worsened when it came to the photos. He was unable to participate in group photos and he was beginning to think he may have to leave his own wedding.

He said: “I told my wife we needed to figure something out because my symptoms weren’t letting up and I didn’t want to be out of it from taking more medication for our reception or have to leave our own reception. My wife asked her mom to keep some distance between us to try and make it easier for me. It didn’t really.

“That perfume followed her like a cloud. Then my wife asked her mom to try and wash wherever she dabbed her perfume but her mother-in-law said she hadn’t dabbed it on, she spritzed herself so it was on her dress too. At that point, they said they were out of ideas and there wasn’t anything we could do.”

The groom’s final suggestion was a change of clothing for his mother-in-law or perhaps going to buy something new at his expense.

He said: “I asked my mother-in-law to either please do that or to leave and we’d visit later with a cake because it was getting to the point that I would have to leave. My wife and mother-in-law objected to this because my wife wanted her mom there the whole time. I understand the day was big for my wife and she wanted her mother there and I wanted her there too but I wasn’t able to enjoy my own wedding.”

The OP explained he ended up sitting outside with his family and groomsmen and began to feel better. He refused to go back into the reception as his mother-in-law was still in the same clothes.

He said: “The night ended with my wife spending our wedding night at her parents’ house.”

He also points out his wife was aware of his allergy to certain perfumes as it has happened three times before.

According to New York Allergy And Sinus Centers (NYASC) people with asthma or other respiratory illnesses are more vulnerable to a perfume allergy. The average perfume has about 14 chemicals that could trigger an allergic reaction. Common ingredients found in perfumes or fragrances that can cause a reaction are citronella, oak moss, balsam of Peru, and synthetic components.

The symptoms of a perfume allergy may include headaches, skin irritation, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties.

The post doesn’t state what perfume she was wearing but the NYASC explains the best treatment for perfume allergy is avoidance; however, it’s impossible to avoid all fragrances. In that case, over-the-counter allergy medication can treat headaches and allergic rhinitis.

The groom may have opted against dosing up on antihistamines as a side effect is drowsiness.

The groom has been backed online by other users, many of whom have suggested “divorce papers.”

The top comment pointed out the fact the bride wanted her mother there, saying: “But your wife didn’t want her new husband there? Ooooof.”

Another Redditor commented: “Tell whoever officiated to hold off on sending them in to be recorded. If your wife can’t be on your side and have your back tell the officiant to tear up the license and you won’t have to worry about annulment (or divorce later).”

“Bad situation, but you were being reasonable. MIL should have gone and taken a shower and returned with clean clothes. Wife is being unreasonable – I hope you didn’t sign the wedding papers yet!” said another.

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