A Restaurant in Singapore Causes Controversy For Charging a Noisy Kid Fee

A Restaurant in Singapore Causes Controversy For Charging a Noisy Kid Fee


Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill, a restaurant located in Singapore, has caused somewhat of an stir due to a policy which states that parents with “screaming and uncontrolled” kids will be charged an additional $7 (approximately 10 Singaporean dollars).

As reported by NextShark, the surcharge has sparked debate amongst parents who patronize the establishment after a customer shared their experience with a local media outlet.

While making a reservation, the customer requested a baby chair and that’s when the policy was brought to their attention via a text message response. Because the restaurant isn’t kid-friendly, there are no baby chairs available, but kids are allowed. Although space was provided for a pram, the surcharge caveat was to obviously inspire parents not to bring their kids.

The customer shared a screenshot of the text response on youth-focused digital news platform Mothership. In the message, the hilariously titled “Screaming Children Surcharge” was included.


Photo: Mothership.sg


Reviews of the restaurant mostly highlight its ambiance and oysters while some have questioned the off-putting surcharge. It’s clear not everyone agrees with the restaurant’s way of showing love for its customers’ peace and quiet.

In a lengthy response to one of the negative reviews, the restaurant explains its reason behind the surcharge.



Photo: TripAdvisor.com


In the end, they insist that “this policy does not apply to 99% of our guests, but only to the ones who fail to respect the space and experience of others.”


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