Citizens Jump In To Help Police Officer Struggling With Suspect

Citizens Jump In To Help Police Officer Struggling With Suspect

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A female officer struggled to arrest a man she had pulled over during a traffic stop in Willoughby, Ohio, and citizens rushed to her aid.

Video footage posted Tuesday by CBS News showed the man refusing to take orders from the female officer.

“Have a seat on the ground. Have a seat!” the officer commanded. “I’m not sitting. I’m not sitting,” said the man, as he began to walk around the vehicle. The officer couldn’t get him to stop evading arrest and she yelled for him to “back up” as he came toward her.

“Put your hands behind your back! I will tase you, sir,” shouted the officer.

“Touch the vehicle. Put your hands on the fucking vehicle, now!” the officer said as she pushed him into the car. In mere seconds, the man had the officer pinned against the car.


A struggle ensued and the video shows the female officer attempting to regain control. He physically overpowered her and the altercation continued.

The video then shows a male citizen leaping into action and tackling the man from behind, throwing him to the ground.

He held the suspect down as the female officer grabbed her radio unit to call for help.

“Radio send me units,” she said while panting.

“Roll over on your stomach – now!” shouted the officer as the civilian rose to his knees to apply more pressure to the suspect’s back.

Another male citizen arrived on the scene and rushed to aid the officer. He assessed the situation from all angles. He walked around the struggling officer and jumped onto the legs of the suspect, who was still being held down.

The video cut off as the civilians help restrain the suspect.

The man was charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, according to CBS News.

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