Driver of flaming trailer leaves ‘path of destruction,’ gets arrested, Texas cops say

Aspen Pflughoeft

A truck driver accused of pulling a flaming trailer through a town and sparking multiple fires this summer has been arrested, according to Texas authorities.

The person drove a “burning trailer” through Kaufman on Sunday, July 31, and “left a path of destruction behind,” Kaufman County government posted on Twitter at the time.

Videos shared on Facebook and Twitter by Fox 4’s Peyton Yager showed the flaming trailer. The driver later abandoned the trailer and fled, authorities said.

The burning trailer sparked three fires, and 12 homes were evacuated, WFAA reported at the time. No injuries were reported, but the fires damaged a home and two storage sheds, the outlet reported.

The Kaufman Fire Chief said seven acres were burned, WFAA reported.

Local news and social media called the driver “Rocket Man,” the Kaufman County Fire Marshal’s Office said in a news release on Sept. 19.

Officials arrested the driver in Hood County, about 100 miles west of Kaufman, the release said. The driver was identified only as a wanted fugitive.

Fox 4 reported that the driver was a 43-year-old man.

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