Hugh Hefner insisted on this tool for sex: ‘An infection waiting to happen’

Hugh Hefner insisted on this tool for sex: ‘An infection waiting to happen’

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By Erin Keller

Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison has one safe-sex tip: Don’t use baby oil as a lubricant.

The 44-year-old and Bridget Marquardt, 48 — who speak about their experiences being two out of the three main girlfriends of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner during the early 2000s — claimed on Monday’s episode that the velvet robe-wearing mogul liked just that.

“Hef would use baby oil as lube,” Madison revealed. “I do not recommend this. It is an infection waiting to happen. It’s disgusting. I don’t know what his hang-up was with it.”

“It took to the point where I was constantly irritated by this baby oil because it throws off your pH, so you’re constantly going to like [having] yeast infections,” she continued, with Marquardt corroborating the recollection.

“I remember talking to the gynecologist about it and then telling Hef, ‘You need to stop using baby oil. I can’t use it,’ and even telling him the gynecologist agreed with me, and he would argue with me and be like, ‘Well people use baby oil on babies.””

Madison added, “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, on their skin. Not internally. You’re not supposed to put it there.’”

“Then it got to the point where I would refuse to use it, but then other people would tell me that he would — in the bedroom — put it on his hand and then out it on me when my back was turned and I didn’t know he was doing it,” she explained.

“Which is so foul and so non-consensual and so gross,” she continued. “I had forgotten about that for the longest time but I was reminded of it for some reason and it made me angry all over again.”

scientific study backed Madison’s claims about using baby oil during sex resulting in a higher likelihood of yeast infections. Another study found that baby oil — and any other oils — easily break down condoms in as little as 60 seconds.

The baby oil claims join an ever-growing list of revelations from the podcast — including Madison and Marquardt saying that Hefner had a “black book” that he reportedly used to keep tabs on many of his live-in, bleach-haired roommates.

“The black book kept track of a few different things,” Marquardt stated. “It kept track of when somebody collected their allowance. He would mark it off so you couldn’t ask for it twice.

“It also kept track of who slept with him and when,” she added.

Madison also revealed that most of the gals in the mansion felt that having sex with Hugh Hefner was a “chore” that they tried to check off “as quickly as possible.”

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