‘Drunk’ Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed as a ‘tone deaf embarrassment’ for singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II’s state funeral

‘Drunk’ Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed as a ‘tone deaf embarrassment’ for singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II’s state funeral

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Justin Trudeau faced intense criticism after he was recorded singing a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody following an evening dinner just two days before Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

The Prime Minister of Canada belted out the 1975 hit at an impromptu session in London’s swanky Corinthia Hotel – where suites go for at least $5,000 – while the UK and Commonwealth were in their official period of mourning.

Trudeau, 50, was one of the many world leaders who traveled to the United Kingdom to meet his new monarch, King Charles III, and pay their respects to the Queen at the monumental funeral Monday morning.

Wearing a casual maroon t-shirt, Trudeau was seen standing over a piano during an ad lib singalong with other members of his formal Canadian delegation in the lobby of the central London hotel.

It’s understood that Gregory Charles, a renowned gospel musician from Quebec, was playing the keys while other guests and members of Trudeau’s entourage joined in on Saturday night.

Trudeau, who has become known for his woke virtue signaling politics, seemed oblivious to the solemn reason for his visit to London as he sang along with the lyrics: ‘Easy come, easy go. Little high, little low.’

But Trudeau’s haughty harmonizing with the pianist on Saturday quickly went viral online.

It was filmed after the delegation – attended a dinner on Saturday night ahead of Britain’s most solemn day in living memory.

This is just one of a litany of gaffs by the woke world leader – who has admitted to dressing in blackface on a number of occasions as a younger man and spouting woke nonsense such as admonishing anyone saying ‘mankind’ and correcting them with the gender-neutral ‘peoplekind’.

The unearthed video has evoked fury across the world – as many slammed the premier for indulging in partying less than 48 hours before the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey. She served as Canada’s head of state for 70 years.

The beloved monarch died at the age of 96 on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Trudeau previously heralded her as ‘one of my favorite people in the world’ after being pictured clutching her hands just six months ago during a heartfelt audience at Windsor Castle.

Upon watching Trudeau’s amateur dramatics, one furious person wrote online: ‘Curious as to how you can qualify this as paying tribute to the life and service of Her Majesty? Because they were singing music from Queen? That’s rather crass!’

Another fuming onlooker added: ‘Paying tribute? How tone-deaf do you have to be to think this is somehow a tribute? This is an embarrassment.’

A third said of the former drama teacher: ‘Singing drunkenly is a ‘tribute’? What an embarrassment.’ There is no indication that the Prime Minister had been drinking before singing at the piano on Saturday night.

Another blasted the Prime Minister for his actions, considering the circumstances of his trip: ‘It’s an unbecoming, undignified display and completely inappropriate given the circumstances and his position.’

A fifth said: ‘Trudeau sure seems to have a heavy heart as he fools around at a bar last night. I thought he was in mourning?’

But other commentators saw no offense in Trudeau’s actions – believing that after over a week of mourning it was normal for those grieving to let off some steam.

One sympathetic person said: ‘I see no issue,’ while another added: ‘We are reaching here. I don’t see the big deal.’

Coming to his defense, another said: ‘You’re only annoyed of this because you don’t like Trudeau to begin with.

‘There is nothing wrong with him singing and being a normal person during the evening in a non-official event and setting. He’s the Prime Minister, but he’s not a robot.’

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said: ‘After dinner on Saturday, Prime Minister joined a small gathering with members of the Canadian delegation, who have come together to pay tribute to the life and service of Her Majesty.

‘Gregory Charles, a renowned musician from Quebec and Order of Canada recipient, played piano in the hotel lobby which resulted in some members of the delegation including the prime minister joining.

‘Over the past 10 days, the Prime Minister has taken part in various activities to pay his respects to the Queen and today, the entire delegation is taking part in the State Funeral.’

Trudeau, who has held office in Canada since 2015, has been at the center of multiple scandals – including when images of him in blackface were uncovered.

He made a series of apologies after the 2001 photograph of him emerged in brownface at an Arabian Nights party when he was a teacher. He also apologized for a high school incident where he dressed up as Harry Belafonte to sing the Jamaican song Day-O.

A video of him as a young man in blackface also emerged during the 2019 election. It shows him with a blackface and raising his arms and sticking his tongue out while dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.

At the time, he said: ‘I should have known better then but I didn’t, and I am deeply sorry for it.

‘I shouldn’t have done that. I take responsibility for it. It was a dumb thing to do.’

And in 2018, a report emerged that Trudeau, who was 28 at the time, had groped a female reporter while at the Kokanee Summit in Creston, B.C in 2000.

The woman, speaking in 2018 after the story resurfaced, said: ‘The incident referred to in the editorial did occur, as reported. Mr. Trudeau did apologize the next day. I did not pursue the incident at the time and will not be pursuing the incident further. I have had no subsequent contact with Mr. Trudeau, before or after he became Prime Minister.’

And in the aftermath, Trudeau said in a statement: ‘Over the past weeks, since this news resurfaced, I’ve been reflecting, we’ve all been reflecting, on past behaviors.

‘And as I’ve said, I’m confident I didn’t act inappropriately, but I think the essence of this is people can experience interactions differently and part of the lesson we need to learn in this moment of collective awakening … people in many cases, women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men.’

Trudeau also found himself in hot water in June 2020. The Canadian government announced the WE Charity would run a new grant program for students hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It later emerged that Trudeau had personal connections to WE and was involved in the decision-making process, without recusing himself.

Initially, WE denied allegations they paid Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, or his brother, Alexandre.

It was later discovered Margaret had been paid $250,000 for speaking at 28 events, and Alexandre received $32,000 for speaking at eight events.


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