Ask Amy: I have feelings for the married dad whose kids I babysit



Advice by Amy Dickinson

Dear Amy:

I met “Ben” the first day I began working for his family as a nanny about a year ago. I felt an instant attraction, but quickly let it go because he’s married, my boss, and I was married at the time. We had minimal interaction, so that helped, too.

Fast-forward six months, and my husband and I separated after years of strain. I had fallen out of love with my husband long before meeting Ben.

It was at this exact time that Ben began initiating conversation more often. My feelings for him grew stronger and stronger. After a couple months of conversation, intense eye contact, and Ben’s giddiness, it became apparent to me that the feelings may be mutual. This felt nice and was a welcome distraction while going through my divorce.

Now I’m at a loss because I don’t know how to move forward. So much has been left unsaid.

I want to know what Ben thinks and if the feelings truly are mutual. It doesn’t help that he continues to send me mixed signals. I have researched what to do in this situation and nothing seems to help.

I am worried that he’s not just a distraction, but I have actually fallen in love with him.

I respect his wife, and care so much for his kids. I could never cross the line further than I already have.

Not being able to act on my feelings is getting so difficult for me that I am considering getting a new job. I am torn. Ultimately I am wondering, how do I keep my job and get over the heartbreak of liking someone who is unavailable?

— Heartbroken

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