Here’s How to Claim the Last Choco Tacos on Earth

Here’s How to Claim the Last Choco Tacos on Earth

Nirmala Singh

We all know the Choco Taco announced its discontinuation in April and the internet was not happy. Since then, Klondike asked fans what they should do with the last 912 Choco Tacos left on the planet.

Inspired by fan tweets, Klondike ended up hitting the road to give fans the last taste and popped up in the 912-area code at a Savannah Bananas baseball game on 9/3, then asked fans to find an ice cream freezer in Death Valley on 9/9 and showed up in America’s least sunniest city Bellingham, Washington on 9/13.

Now, fans nationwide have the chance to score one of the last Choco Tacos by completing a digital scavenger hunt on Klondike’s Instagram on Wednesday, 9/21.

Be sure to head to @KlondikeBar to find the first clue: a series of emojis to a different Klondike Instagram handle. This handle will contain a different clue with different emojis, which will be the clue to the next handle.

The first 100 people to find all seven profiles will have the tools they need to crack the riddle and open the digital freezer on @KlondikeBar, winning a Choco Taco and bragging rights.

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