Woman searching for lost dog finds remains of Ohio woman missing since 2017

Woman searching for lost dog finds remains of Ohio woman missing since 2017

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An Ohio woman who was out in the woods searching for her missing dog last month instead stumbled upon human skeletal remains shrouded in cloth.

The remains, identified Tuesday as those of Amy Hambrick, were discovered in a wooded area in the city of Youngstown, WBKN reported.

Hambrick vanished in November 2017 when she was 29 years old, police told the outlet.

Scientists were able to identify Hambrick through dental records, but her exact cause of death has not yet been determined due to the condition of the remains, Youngstown Police Chief of Detectives Jason Simon said.

Hambrick’s death remains under investigation, Simon said, adding that detectives will be interviewing and reinterviewing people as more testing will be done on the remains.

“Someone knows what happened,” he said.

While it’s clear the bones had been in the wooded area where they were found for some time, it’s not yet clear how long the remains had been in that location or how long ago Hambrick died, Simon said.

Several family members were present at the press conference, but were quickly ushered out by officials once it ended to avoid questions from members of the media, according to WBKN.

Hambrick was last seen on Nov. 11, 2017, after she left her home in Youngstown to meet up with a friend in North Jackson, her mother, Debby Dolin, told the outlet in 2018.

Dolin said Hambrick was a heroin addict, and that her family had been planning an intervention at the time because they knew she was using again.

Her daughter, Jayden, was just 10 years old when she disappeared.

“Her and Jayden were like two peas in a pod, always together … She misses her mommy so much,” Dolin said.


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