My Wife Says I Crossed the Line With Our Kids. I Thought It Was Just a Nice Fatherly Moment.

My Wife Says I Crossed the Line With Our Kids. I Thought It Was Just a Nice Fatherly Moment.


A few days ago, my wife “Jessie” and I had dinner with some friends. My 19-year-old niece “Sarah” lives with us right now, and she was babysitting. We have two kids: a 9-year-old boy named “Henry” and “Daisy,” a 7-year-old girl. Henry and Daisy are very close. When we got home, it wasn’t surprising at all to see Henry and Daisy fast asleep on the couch on top of each other. They were still wearing day clothes and glasses; Henry was wearing a very uncomfortable-looking, tight-fitting pirate hat (apparently he insisted on wearing it because they were having seafood, and Daisy was already wearing her eye patch which she uses to strengthen her vision).

Sarah said after dinner she put on a movie and within 20 minutes they were both soundly asleep. Sarah was gushing about how adorable the kids were and took plenty of photos. Jessie was very tired when we came in, so when she saw that our kids were asleep, she went straight to bed. I tried to wake the kids, but they just wouldn’t wake up. I eventually took off their glasses and Henry’s hat and carried both kids to their beds.

The next morning I explained what happened and showed Jessie the photos that Sarah took, thinking she would think it was as cute as we did. Instead, she was angry at my actions.

She thinks I was wrong to move them without their permission and that I should have just left them there. Jessie was still upset even after Sarah told Daisy and Henry what happened, and the only thing they were concerned about was that they missed almost all of the movie. I am confused since I feel like my actions were incredibly normal, but Jessie is so adamant that I was out of line (and she’s still partially upset about it). How do I talk to her about this?

—Fast Asleep

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