Joe Biden Supporter Describes What He Smelled Like After Viral Photo

Joe Biden Supporter Describes What He Smelled Like After Viral Photo

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James Bickerton

A supporter of Joe Biden has sparked mockery after claiming the President smells like “the warmest cup of Cocoa” on social media.

Joanne Carducci posted a photograph of herself with Biden by the White House on Twitter, where she goes by the name @JoJoFromJerz and has just over 600,000 followers.

The self-described “Democrat” and “passionate anti-MAGA campaigner,” accompanied the photo with the caption “oh hi, Mr. President.”

In the picture, Carducci is smiling whilst leaning on Biden’s chest in the grounds of the White House, with state flags arranged in a row at the back.


The tweet triggered a big reaction from other social media users, accumulating more than 95,000 likes and 3,900 retweets.

Another Twitter user, comedian Jay Black, replied: “I’m guessing Biden smells like cedar, vanilla, and Aqua Velva. Can you confirm, Jo?”

She responded: “He smelled like the warmest cup of Cocoa on the perfect snowstorm night when the cable is out and the lights flicker and your kids want you to play with them after not wanting that forever, and the house is abuzz with excitement & connectedness and love and nostalgia… like that.”

This sparked anger and mockery from some other social media users.

Joanne Mason, who describes herself as a “flawed follower of Christ,” responded: “My heart breaks for anyone this weak, this lost—so lost that you need to love, to adore, and feel a deep devotion to a politician. That this gives meaning to your life is almost unspeakably sad.”

A second Twitter user wrote: “And they say MAGA is a cult. Y’all are weird.”

Another added: “No way is this real” followed by three laughing emojis.

However not all Twitter users had negative comments, with Jill Messier from Maryland replying: “I’m so jealous! I’d love to meet Joe!”

Joanne Carducci has been contacted for comment.

On Tuesday, Biden held an event on the White House South Lawn to celebrate his Inflation Reduction Act passing into law.

Addressing the crowd, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “Mr. President, thank you for unifying and inspiring a vision of a stronger, fairer, safer future for all our children. Your extraordinary leadership has made this glorious day possible.”

The $750 billion package, agreed as a compromise with moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, introduced a minimum 15% tax for big corporations and provided funding for green energy projects.

It also impacted on health care, letting the government negotiate the price of certain drugs and freezing the cost of insulin at $35 a month.

Republican Representative Mary Miller criticized Biden on Twitter for “throwing a party at the White House” after “grocery prices increased in August by the most in 43 years,” following the release of disappointing new inflation figures.

Before posting the image with Biden, Carducci tweeted a photograph of herself in front of the White House, taken from the South Lawn. She wrote: “Oh no big deal. Just a girl from Jersey in front of the White House.”

She later added: “I’m trying really hard not to cry…”

Carducci has an account on subscription platform Patron, where fans can support their favorite content creators.

On Patron she describes herself as “a passionate anti-MAGA, a constant jokester and a lover of all things politics.”

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