Taliban crashes American Black Hawk helicopter, leaving three dead


Paul Best

A Taliban pilot crashed a Black Hawk helicopter on Saturday in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing three people and injuring five others, a spokesperson for the group said.

“An American Black Hawk helicopter, which was flown… for training, crashed due to a technical problem inside the campus of the National Defense University,” Ministry of Defense spokesperson Enaytullah Khowrazmi said Saturday.

A video posted by Afghan journalist Wais Barakzai appeared to show an out-of-control helicopter crashing into the ground nose-first.

The US military left behind more than $7 billion in equipment when it pulled out of Afghanistan last year, including $923.3 million worth of military aircraft and $294.6 million worth of aircraft munitions.

Some aircraft “were demilitarized and rendered inoperable during the evacuation,” the Department of Defense Inspector General wrote in a report last month.

The Taliban also took over tactical ground vehicles and more than 300,000 small arms, including sniper rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers.


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