‘Republicans for Whitmer’ launches less than two months before Michigan’s midterm vote

‘Republicans for Whitmer’ launches less than two months before Michigan’s midterm vote

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by Maria Serrano

Dozens of Republicans expressed their support for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Monday, joining forces and launching a new collective to help her win re-election.

“When you have somebody who has been a state representative, a state senator, a governor for four years, it certainly warrants and supports,” said Jim Haveman, former director of the Michigan Department of Community Health under former Republican governors John Engler and Rick Snyder.

Tudor Dixon is the Michigan Republican Party’s nominee for governor. She soundly defeated four other Republican candidates in the August primary.

Haveman thinks Michigan is better off with four more years of Whitmer.

“I know what government can do to make this state better, and I just haven’t seen a platform from (Dixon) to make a difference,” Haveman said.

Joe Schwarz, a former state senator, U.S. Representative, and mayor of Battle Creek, is part of the ‘Republicans for Whitmer’ coalition.

“One of the things that I admire most about you is your very strong support for higher education and public education,” Schwarz said to Whitmer Monday.

Whitmer’s 2022 campaign has focused on her record in Lansing, and ability to work with the Republican legislature to pass budgets and sign bills.

There is more that unites Republicans and Democrats than what divides them, according to Whitmer.

“We have a choice to make, and it’s a stark one as we think about what the next four years in Michigan mean,” Whitmer said Monday. “I think there are a lot of people in our state who maybe have never voted for a Democrat before who are worried about losing their personal rights to their own bodies, or who are worried about the state of our democracy, who support public education; these are people that we want to reach out to.”

Dixon declined an interview with News Channel 3 Monday, but did email a statement in response to the ‘Republicans for Whitmer’ event.

“Today’s Republican Party is one that believes parents should be in charge, police should be supported and empowered to protect our communities, and regulations and taxes should be cut for economic growth,” said Sara Broadwater, director of communications for Dixon’s campaign. “We’ll take their support over Lansing’s big government cocktail crowd any day of the week.”

Dixon is planning to unveil a $1 billion public safety plan at an event in Grand Rapids Tuesday afternoon.

Michigan’s midterm election is Nov. 8. Absentee voting starts Sept. 29.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s Office is already accepting absentee ballot applications.


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