Home Depot Claims Gender Isn’t Binary, Hosts Race-Segregated Employee Groups

Home Depot Claims Gender Isn’t Binary, Hosts Race-Segregated Employee Groups


Home Depot claims that gender is not binary and encourages employees to become allies to the LGBTQ movement. The company also hosts racially exclusive employee groups.

Pictures from one Home Depot location, which appears to be in Canada, showcase a wealth of woke resources for employees, which discuss pronouns, privilege, and “allyship.”


One poster claims “If you are not intentionally inclusive you are unintentionally exclusive.” Another features the “genderbread person,” a diagram that argues that “gender isn’t binary.”

It also distinguished gender expression and gender identity. The definition of gender identity read “Each person’s internal and individual experience of gender.” It continued to say “It is a person’s sense of being a woman, a man, both, or neither, or anywhere along the gender spectrum.”

A guide titled “How to Use Personal Pronouns” included both “they” and “ze,” which it claims can be conjugated as “hir,” “hirs,” and “hirself.”

Another poster defines “privilege” as “a special benefit or advantage that may be earned or unearned.” It also defined “ally” as “someone who stands with or advocates for individuals and groups that experience less privilege than themself.”

Home Depot’s “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” page advertises the company’s “associate resource groups,” which are also featured in one of the posters.

The groups are intended for employees who share a racial background or other identity. Associate resource groups “engage associates and support an inclusive culture through Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) connected to a single aspect of diversity.”

Associate groups include “LGBTQ Associates,” “Hispanic Associates,” “African American Associates,” and “Military and Military Family Associates,” among others.

The page also has a subtitle called “The Business Case for Diversity.” It reads “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people of color, who currently make up about one-third of the U.S. population, will become a majority by 2042.”

It goes on to say “The U.S. Hispanic population is expected to nearly triple by 2050, while the African-American and Asian populations are each expected to grow about 60 percent.” The site explains, “The Home Depot is keeping up with these and other dynamic changes by hiring diverse talent.”

“This diverse workforce will serve our customers for the next 30 years and beyond,” it concludes.


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