Bronx woman impaled on fence in freak accident dies of injuries

Bronx woman impaled on fence in freak accident dies of injuries

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A Bronx woman impaled on a fence in a freak accident Friday night has died, her family said.

Paulina Nrecaj, 59, was hit by a gray Lexus SUV in front of her building at 2040 Bronxdale Ave. at 6:30 p.m. Friday. The car, which jumped the curb, pushed her into a metal fence, sending a spike through her.

The stay-at-home mom of three and grandmother of one was one her way to get pizza, her family said.

She was taken to Jacobi Hospital, where she died after undergoing surgery, her daughter, Diana Nrecaj, 32, told The Post.

“She was a good, sweet woman. She was a very good sweet woman,” Nrecaj said. “She didn’t deserve this. She was four steps away from her home.”

Nrecaj said her father was upstairs in the family’s apartment when the accident happened and rushed to the street after hearing a thump.

“He came downstairs and there was a gentleman in the building holding my mother until EMS came and arrived,” she said.

Frane Nrecaj, 71, said he knew right away that his wife of 40 years wasn’t going to make it.

A fence spike went through Paulina Nrecaj's body during the accident.

“She was passed out. She lost a lot of blood coming from her mouth, a lot of blood coming from her nose,” Nrecaj said.

He said his wife, a native of Albania, had recently celebrated her birthday.

“To me she was a great person. She raised my kids. She was perfect. The kids were happy in their life. She was happy,” he said.

Sall Arobye, 32, an Uber driver who lives across the street, helped get Nrecaj off the fence and reassured her she would be okay.

She said ‘Do you think I made it?’ I was like ‘Yeah, you can make it. Stay strong,’” he recalled.

He said the injured woman thanked him.

Nrecaj said that his wife's injuries were too extensive.

“It’s horrible. It’s horrible,” he said. “I feel like I lied to her. She didn’t make it. It broke my heart.”

Arobye was guided by Jada Bellamy, 35, a nurse who happened to be walking by and saw the car lose control and Nrecaj go flying into the fence.

“I was holding the lady’s hand,” Bellamy recounted Saturday. “She had a big, big gash on her left elbow and blood was coming from [her stomach]. I knew she had internal bleeding instantly so I was like ‘Don’t move her.’ “

Neighbor Vanessa Gonzalez, 34, said she had known Nrecaj since birth.

“My heart is so broken,” Gonzalez said, calling her “a beautiful person” and “very kind hearted.”

“After my father passed away, she was an excellent friend to my mom,” Gonzalez said.

Outside the building, friends and family lit candles and dropped off flowers at a makeshift memorial Saturday.

“This shouldn’t have happened to nobody but it happened to us. I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody ever again,” one family member said.

Samar Ashami, who lives on the block, was FaceTiming with her husband, who was standing outside the building, when the fatal crash happened.

Outside the building, friends and family lit candles and dropped off flowers at a makeshift memorial Saturday.

Ashami said the driver told her husband “his brake fell down.”

Diana Nrecaj blamed a newly installed bike lane outside the building, which is protected by a row of parked cars, for causing the accident, saying the configuration confused drivers.

“Do you see it? It looks like they are double parked, do they not? It throws people off. There’s never been an accident here. He probably jumped the curb,” she said.

The SUV driver mounted the curb after he swerved to avoid hitting a van stopped at the intersection of Bronxdale and Cruger avenues, sources said.

He was also taken to Jacobi in stable condition. Police said the crash appeared to be accidental.

The SUV has 168 violations, including 20 for speeding in school zones, according to the website How’s My Driving NY.
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