Police: Democrat’s DNA at Crime Scene Where Journalist Was Killed

Police: Democrat’s DNA at Crime Scene Where Journalist Was Killed

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By Jeremy Frankel

The DNA of Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, a Democrat, was found at the crime scene where journalist Jeff German was killed last week, police said Thursday.

Telles was arrested Wednesday in connection with the fatal stabbing. On Thursday, a judge ordered he be jailed without bail, according to The Associated Press. Telles will be arraigned next Tuesday, and he faces a murder charge.

Fox 5 Las Vegas reported as well that pieces of destroyed clothing resembling clothes seen in images of the suspect were found at Telles’ home.

Police executed a search warrant Wednesday at Telles’ home, cordoning off a portion of the residence. Las Vegas Review-Journal reporters said they saw a vehicle at Telles’ home that police believe is connected to the killing.

Telles lost his primary election in June, after German’s reporting cast a negative light on the county’s management. German had reported on numerous scandals that impacted Las Vegas under Telles’ management, such as breaking a story in May that several current and former employees accused Telles of creating a “hostile work environment.”

The story also said that Telles had an inappropriate relationship with staffer Roberta Lee-Kennett, with footage being given to German and published by the Journal-Review showing the two, both married, meeting in the back seat of a vehicle.

Telles dismissed the allegations at the time as coming from disgruntled “old-timers,” saying that “they are unhappy with the way the office has been taken out of their control. All my new employees are super happy, and everyone’s productive and doing well. We’ve almost doubled the productivity in the office.”

Telles accused German of smearing him and partly blamed German’s report for his third-place finish in the Democrat primary election.

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