Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife – The Dem-Fueled Crime Wave Is About To Get Worse

Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife – The Dem-Fueled Crime Wave Is About To Get Worse

Welcome to the American purge, where every major Democrat-controlled city seems to be descending into violent chaos. Instead of creating public policy that keeps residents safe, Democrat officials double down on left-wing agendas that see their residents end up as tragic media headlines.

The U.S. rang in the month of September with all eyes on Memphis, Tennessee, when a 34-year-old mother of two young boys, Eliza Fletcher, was kidnapped during her routine early morning jog. Fletcher, a local kindergarten teacher, was sexually assaulted before being murdered and disposed of by her killer, according to authorities.


The man charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder in connection to Fletcher’s death, Cleotha Abston, was a repeat violent, sexual offender who had previously committed an act of rape against an unnamed 14-year-old boy and served a 20-year-prison sentence for the kidnapping of Memphis attorney Kemper Durand.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke about Fletcher’s murder during his Tuesday night monologue. “The whole story could not be more shocking or more horrible,” he said.

“But here’s what may be the scariest part. Some people didn’t seem particularly shocked or horrified by it. In the hours after Eliza Fletcher’s disappearance, Biden voters on social media seemed to dismiss the crime on racial grounds,” Carlson continued.

“The point they’re making was clear: ‘Everyone knows the rules. Eliza Fletcher violated those rules. You can’t go outside at certain hours in certain places in America, obviously, and if you do, if you violate the rules, you run the risk of being raped and murdered. That’s how things work in this country. So, adapt. Accept it. Move on,” he said.

Democratic district attorneys in states like Illinois are allowing violent criminals out of custody at an alarming rate. These, often, repeat offenders get back onto the streets, free to victimize more innocent residents.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Despite these policies being criticized as anti-victim, lawmakers in Illinois voted to make it the first state in the country to eliminate its cash bail system through a larger bill called the SAFE-T Act.

This legislation passed and signed into law in 2021 radically reformed the Illinois criminal justice system, “including pre-arrest diversion, policing, pretrial, sentencing, and corrections,” according to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA). The ICJIA is tasked with implementing several provisions within the SAFE-T Act, including “policing, pretrial, and deaths in custody, as well as leading and serving on task forces,” the agency’s website states.

With this legislation, Illinois lawmakers make it harder for local prosecutors to keep dangerous suspects behind bars and easier for criminals to be released and ready to re-offend, according to Republican Illinois State Rep. Patrick Windhorst. “I believe the elimination of cash bail, particularly as it’s written in the SAFE-T Act, will reduce public safety and lead to more crime in Illinois,” Windhorst, who formerly served as a state attorney, told WBNG.


He warned that officials are worried that the public will blame them when the crime waves cripple entire cities. “I know after talking with prosecutors and law enforcement officers, they’re really concerned that the public is going to point the finger at them and say, ‘Why aren’t you doing more about these offenses?’ And with this major change in the law, a lot of their ability to do their jobs has been restrained,” Windhorst said.

Aside from eliminating cash bail for several violent crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, drug-induced homicide, and 2nd-degree murder, the SAFE-T Act also prevents law enforcement from searching for any criminal fitted with an ankle monitor for 48 hours after they’ve skipped their scheduled court appearance.

As if the idea of a rotating door of violent offenders wasn’t enough, the Act also prohibits police officers from being able to remove trespassers from private property.

Chicago-area mayor Keith Pekau addressed the potential safety issues with Orland Park residents on Tuesday, warning about what type of increased crime people might see after the legislation goes into effect in January 2023.

Pekau said that law enforcement would no longer have the authority to remove trespassers from any private residence or business. “Someone could decide to live in your shed, and all we can do is give them a ticket. You have to decide what level of force is required to remove them and whether or not it’s legal,” he said in the meeting, according to the Orland Park Village’s press release.

Pekau said the Illinois lawmakers’ radical criminal justice reforms have only just begun. “There is currently a bill in front of the house to remove school resource officers from our schools, which means no resource officer at Sandburg High School,” he said.

“The city of Chicago has already done this. I personally do not want to see the city of Chicago become the standard for how we conduct public safety because they have abandoned their police officers, and abandoned their residents, and created a war zone full of criminals,” Pekau said. “It’s like they won’t stop until they destroy our communities and our society.”


The city of Chicago reported an almost 40% increase in crime from 2021 to 2022, including sexual assault, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and burglary.

Chicago crime statistics from the week of Aug. 29 to Sept. 4 show there were several double-digit increases in specific crimes since 2021. In those seven days, Chicago saw a 56% increase in sexual assault reports from the same week in 2021. The city also suffered a 15% increase in robberies, a 52% increase in thefts, and a 132% increase in motor vehicle thefts.

There is seemingly a correlation between left-wing “criminal justice reform” initiatives and a startling rise in violent crime. Yet, the Democratic Party continues to push legislation that puts Americans in danger. As Tucker Carlson said, “An American citizen should be able to live or walk anywhere in America without being raped or murdered for it.”


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