Hacker steals $185,000 from actor Bill Murray after charity event

Hacker steals 5,000 from actor Bill Murray after charity event
By Just the News staff

Comedian and actor Bill Murray this week lost nearly $200,000 to a criminal hacker after raising a considerable amount of cryptocurrency as part of a charity auction he was hosting.

An unknown hacker started to drain the performer’s wallet of Ethereum late on Thursday morning, managing to make off with $185,000 before security teams could lock down the funds.

The hacker also moved to steal hundreds of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, from Murray’s digital wallet, though his security personnel were able to protect those from being stolen.

Murray had earlier raised those funds as part of an auction of several NFTs. The thief has yet to be identified.

Following the theft, a runner-up in Murray’s auction sent around $187,000 to the charity in question in order to cover the lost funds, CoinDesk reported.


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