This is a good read. Most people don’t know the truth because they’re willing to accept the drivel from MSM. I am not. 13thG

Climate doom and gloom, like sex, sells — the end of the world is a thrilling prospect, and if you are seen to be working to prevent it, well, you’re goddamn hero.

It is seen as modish to sort your plastics for recycling, to switch to a plant-based diet and to use LED light bulbs; however, the evidence reveals such endeavors provide no benefit to the climate. The media has duped an ever-dutiful populous into conflating environmental issues with climatic ones. Nobody wants synthetic materials floating about the oceans, we can all agree on that, but reducing plastics, even banning them altogether, will have ZERO impact on the climate. I can’t believe I still have to point this out. But I do. Such is a modern eco-warrior’s complete disconnect with reality.

It’s understandable why many people –especially the young– genuinely believe the world is about to end. The programming is inescapable–again, particularly for the young. If children aren’t being bombarded with CAGW messaging through their smart phones and TV, then their virtue-signalling teachers at school will be assigning them tasks such as coloring in placards and posters in preparation for the latest pointless public parade (which the kids are often driven to by their parents–in gas cars!).

This was literally the scene at our children’s former school, and was key to us pulling them out of that indoctrination station.

As I’ve always known, the aim of school is to produce compliant little worker bees–which is bad enough; but in recent years, that aim has been shaded even darker — the goal now is a form of total corruption whereby poor young minds are warped into believing that Grimm’s Fairy Tales are REAL and that TEOTW is nigh.

These wannabe ‘do-gooders’ –these so-called educators and protectors– ought to be eternally ashamed of themselves, and I will work until the end of my days to expose their absurd and dangerous folly.

Because while problems undoubtedly remain with regards to the environment, life for humanity has improved vastly — and by every metric. Heatwaves, floods, wildfires and storms are reported by the mainstream corporate media as if they are new and ever-intensifying events, yet the data shows that human tragedies related to said events were far worse in the past.

In the 1920s, around half a million people were killed by weather disasters, whereas in the last decade the death-toll averaged ‘just’ 18,000, with this year, just like the immediately preceding 2020 and 2021, tracking even lower than that.

Why? How? I Don’t believe you! Well, when people get richer, they get more resilient. Weather-fixated television news would make us all think that disasters are all getting worse. They’re not, writes Bjorn Lomborg for the New York Post.

In 1900, around 4.5% of the land area of the world would burn every year. Over the last century, this declined to about 3.2%. And in the last two decades, satellites show an even further decline — in 2021 just 2.5% burned. Models show that by the end of the century, human adaptation will mean even less burning.

It Is Climate Zealotry, Rather Than Climate Change, That Is Destroying The World

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