Arizona teen called 911 for help during brother’s fatal attack on family

Arizona teen called 911 for help during brother’s fatal attack on family

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By David Propper

A teenage girl desperately called cops for help moments before her deranged brother allegedly slaughtered her as one of four family members killed inside the Arizona home.

During the panicked 911 call, the line between authorities and the 16-year-old victim got disconnected, only for deputies to later find her dead at the grisly crime scene, Pinal County Chief Deputy Matthew Thomas told The Post.

“The call was frantic so she was obviously upset and concerned and from what we could gather there was some type of altercation going on during that time,” Thomas said Tuesday.

Suspect Richard Wilson, 21, was arrested on his family’s property Sunday and charged with four counts of first-degree murder after police found his father, mother, sister and five-year-old niece dead, the sheriff’s office said.

Authorities responded to the grisly scene and are now receiving help in the aftermath.

Wilson allegedly knifed his relatives to death, Deputy Thomas said in an interview.

“I can’t get into too many details because it’s still a fresh case but bottom line is the means by which he murdered all four was the knife,” Thomas said.

When deputies arrived at the home just outside Casa Grande, Wilson came out of a 5th wheel trailer next to the house and told them “I’m over here, take me to jail,” according to court documents obtained by KPNX-TV.

Deputies found bloody clothing and shoes in the trailer. The bodies of Wilson’s father Richard Wilson, 47, mother Ellen Otterman, 50, sister Rudy Wilson, 16, and tot-sized niece Renaya White were discovered inside the home.

It’s unclear what the motive was, but Wilson requested his medication after he was cuffed, KPNX reported, citing detectives in the court docs.

Sheriff officials had interacted with Wilson at least ten times in the past three years, including for a drug offense and assault, the department told The Post. The most recent interactions included a mental health pickup order on July 23, according to the sheriff’s office.

Wilson was held on $2.5 million bail. His first court hearing is set for later this month, KPNX reported.

Thomas said deputies who responded to the horrific scene were getting help.

“They’re shaken up obviously,” Thomas said. “I don’t think we’re built as humans to see this type of tragedy and see what a monster like this can do to another human being.”

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