Abortion opponents charge $120k to credit cards to demand recount in Kansas referendum

Abortion opponents charge 0k to credit cards to demand recount in Kansas referendum

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ByJohn Hanna 

TOPEKA, Kan — Kansas plans to do a partial hand recount of this month’s decisive vote in favor of abortion rights that won’t change the outcome after abortion opponents charged almost $120,000 to credit cards Monday to cover the cost.

The video in the player above is from a previous report.

The Kansas secretary of state’s office said the recount will occur in nine of the state’s 105 counties that account for more than half of the votes cast on the Aug. 2 abortion ballot question, including four of the state’s five most populous counties. The no side prevailed in eight of the nine counties.

The recount request came Friday from Melissa Leavitt, an election conspiracy promoter from Colby in far western Kansas, but Mark Gietzen, a hard-right anti-abortion activist from Wichita who also promotes election conspiracies, pledged to help pay for the recount. Gietzen used a credit card to pay for all but $1,500 of the costs, the figure for Leavitt’s home of Thomas County, the only one of the nine counties where the anti-abortion side prevailed.

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