Minneapolis Teachers’ Union Contract Requires Schools to Fire White Teachers First


By Daniel Greenfield




How racist can diversity, inclusion and equity get? This racist.

A Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before “educators of color” in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff.

After the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and MPS struck a deal on March 25 to end a 14-day teacher strike, the two sides drew up and ratified a new collective bargaining agreement complete with various proposals.

James Dickey, senior trial counsel at the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC), says the racial component violates both the Minnesota and United States constitutions.

“The [collective bargaining agreement] … openly discriminates against white teachers based only on the color of their skin, and not their seniority or merit,” Dickey told Alpha News. “Minneapolis teachers and taxpayers who oppose government-sponsored racism like this should stand up against it.”

It’s blatantly illegal, especially after more recent Supreme Court decisions on the subject. That said, affirmative action is almost universally practiced at the federal and state level, and is equally illegal.

Hans Bader, a constitutional lawyer, says that the measure is outright unconstitutional.

“When it comes to termination…an employer can’t racially discriminate even against whites. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 1996 [Taxman v. Board of Education of Piscataway] that an school district can’t consider race even as a tie-breaker, in deciding who to lay off, even to promote diversity, because that (a) unduly trammels the white teacher’s rights…and (b) putting that aside, the school district couldn’t consider race to promote diversity when black people weren’t seriously underrepresented in its workforce as a whole,” Bader wrote.

Bader also argued that the Third Circuit’s ruling is strengthened by a 1989 Supreme Court ruling (Wygant v. Jackson Board of Education) that stated that “a school district can’t lay off white teachers to remedy societal discrimination against blacks.“

Minneapolis has been ground zero for the racist war on America. And educrats are spinning as “seniority disrupting”. And it turns out that miniature versions of this are already in place.

 Some districts, however, including Robbinsdale Area Schools, have agreements that protect probationary teachers — defined as those with less than three years of experience — beyond the last-in, first-out order if they better reflect student demographics.

So now they’re field-testing an undisguised version of this racist policy.

“It can be a national model, and schools in other states are looking to emulate what we did,” said Edward Barlow, a band teacher at Anwatin Middle School and a member of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers executive board.

Barlow, who is black, has worked in Minneapolis schools since 1989. He’s proud of the new provisions in the contract, but he said it’s now up to the district to live out the values represented in those words.

“There’s so much more than seniority at stake here,” he said.

“This is a bigger conversation about working conditions, compensation, and microagressions and macroagressions in the workplace,” he said. “Those are the pieces that this district also needs to reflect on and make some motions to improve.”

A basic question though is whom does the union represent? Certainly not the majority of teachers. Like most unions, it represents a radical leftist cause to which it is happy to sacrifice its members, knowing that if any rise up and protest, it can rally lynch mobs to have them canceled.






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