UPDATED: Gift to Sal Gambino – He is re-gifting


TNBD would like to thank all of its members and watchers for our “Clicking Ads For Sal” mission. 

As you recall, Sal’s youngest son is having his first baby soon, and we had an AD CLICK MARATHON a week or so ago. 

The numbers are in, and your thoughtfulness and clicks brought in almost exactly $150.00.

We rounded it up and will be giving him a gift card from all of you here.  It should almost be enough to buy one can of baby formula, if the couple can find some.

You are all very kind and you make us very proud to run your website for all of you.

We will get this to him for the coming baby ASAP.

UPDATE:   Hey guys, SAL GAMBINO has told us that he is grateful to all of us for the proceeds from our Ad Click Marathon, but he is graciously telling us that instead of accepting the gift for his family, he wants our resident Florida and Animal story specialist I’M GOING TO NARNIA to have the prize.  In case you didn’t know, Narnia had her job eliminated at GM and the last we heard, she was looking for work.

SAL, you are a real gentleman.  Your gift card will go to her instead.  Thanks.

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