New Yorkers barely flinch as a naked man strolls through subway station

New Yorkers barely flinch as a naked man strolls through subway station

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Images by William Farrington

It’s just another day in the naked city.

New Yorkers barely flinched Thursday as a naked man wearing nothing but dress socks strolled through a Manhattan subway station and onto the street, according to new photos.

Jaded straphangers seemed unsurprised at seeing the apparently disturbed man, as he sauntered out of a No. 6 train car and onto the City Hall subway station platform at about 9 a.m.

Some didn’t even look up from their phones while others glanced at the NSFW scene and gave little reaction — either oblivious to what was happening or taking the old-fashioned New York approach by minding their own business.

The man walked out of the station and marched right up with his birthday suit toward 1 Police Plaza, where a uniformed officer was seen calling for help — and casting his eyes away.

The unidentified man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for examination, a police spokesperson said. No further details were available.

A naked man walks through the City Hall subway station platform.
Man strolls in the buff through City Hall subway station platform as jaded straphangers barely flinch.
Jaded straphangers barely phased by naked man walking around City Hall subway station platform.It’s not the first time someone stripped down to nothing but footwear in the city’s transit system. Back in 2014, viral photographs showed a snoozing man on the E train – wearing only beat-up sneakers and sweat socks.

Witnesses at the time said the man dozed off between swigs of Jack Daniels and seemed not to care as straphangers snapped pictures of the bizarre scene.

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