Cop-hating Florida woman called precincts 11,000 times to berate officers

Cop-hating Florida woman called precincts 11,000 times to berate officers

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She’s not off the hook.

A cop-hating Florida woman was arrested this week after calling police precincts a staggering 11,000 times this year to blast and berate officers, according to a report.

Carla Jefferson, 50, relentlessly dials the non-emergency lines of the St. Petersburg Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and “harasses, belittles, swears at, argues with” whoever picks up, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Jefferson somehow managed to place 512 calls to the St. Petersburg department over a single 24-hour period last month, the complaint alleges.

Her annual tally works out to about 30 calls to the departments each day.

Jefferson’s ringtone rampage accounted for 10% of all phone traffic to the St. Petersburg department’s non-emergency line for the year, cops said.

Her calls usually devolve into the use of “extreme expletives” and “sexual innuendo,” the complaint notes.

Jefferson allegedly warns police personnel that she’ll simply call back if they hang up — and appears to follow through on that promise.

Exasperated cops sent Jefferson a letter in June threatening to arrest her is she didn’t give the receiver a rest.

Carla Jefferson was arrested for making over 11,000 calls harassing police in Florida.

But she ignored the missive and was hit with a misdemeanor charge before making $400 bail.

She was again arrested this week after allegedly continuing her spree and was released on her own recognizance.

The outlet said Jefferson has prior felony arrests and has spent several years in prison.

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