Every individual supporting this administration is part of the battering ram that led to the destruction of USA pillars of freedom

Every individual supporting this administration is part of the battering ram that led to the destruction of USA pillars of freedom

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Alan Bergstein

Mark the date in your memory; August 8, 2022. It will be recorded in history as the “Kristallnacht of American Democracy.” Basically the day similar in nature, to the German Nazis’ opening salvo of fascism, the beginning of the extermination of Jews and democracy, on November 9, 1938.


Yesterday was a sad day for all of patriotic Americans, as our former independent federal law enforcement agencies, the FBI and the Justice Department, now officially both under the singular control of the Democrat Party, raided the home of former President Trump and confiscated all of his personal data, without going through the legal processes of obtaining court orders to do so.

They operated as agents of a radical political party, the Democrat Party, to begin the process of incriminating Trump and thereby preventing his run for office in 2024. All of the formerly independent federal agencies, Homeland Security, the IRS and the Justice Department are now an essential militant part of a totalitarian Fascist government that dominates and is willing and able to prosecute any of us who stray from the paths of the Democrat Party.


Our freedom to speak, act and think as is guaranteed in the Constitution, is gone. And that goes for loyal Democrats, as well. Speak the party line or you’re considered an enemy of the state and will be handled as such; as an enemy of the state. A traitor to be treated as one.


Never before in American history has a former president been falsely, maliciously, targeted, investigated, singled out, labeled, even when he was in office, as treasonous to this country. For 3 years, the likes of Democrat Congresspeople Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and other elected progressives, with the backing of the entire media, educational system and the elitist society, promulgated the outright lie that Trump was an agent under the domination of and in collusion with Putin. No facts were ever produced, but the slime stuck to the walls and had its desired effect among ordinary, naive Americans now howling in delight at the eventual, inevitable prosecution of Trump. They’ve all been tools of those now in totalitarian-like power.


I point the accusing finger at them. Each and every individual supporting this current administration is part of the battering ram that has led to the destruction of the pillars of freedom we once appreciated and lived under. Now, gone. I’m holding them responsible.

Prior to the actions of our national government, on August 8th, such behavior was limited to nations like Venezuela, Cuba, Communist Russia, Iran, China and other dictator-run Banana Republics that we all rightfully denounced and repudiated. We have now embraced this fascistic behavior and we will all be doomed by such actions. No one will escape the bonds of dictatorship which are now spreading among our national leaders.


We’re all doomed to be victims of what is becoming a one party system in control of every facet of our lives. My friends, relatives and acquaintances who stand beside these recent actions are part and parcel of the cancer that has now enveloped this nation. These thoughtless idiots are all spitting into the closed eyes of those millions of patriots throughout our history, who willingly sacrificed their lives to found and keep alive the democracy of our nation. Sadly, they may have died in vain. We are now a fascist, dictatorial swampland. May G-d have mercy on all of us.



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