Woman’s boyfriend sees men on the side during their ‘breaks’

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, “Ashton,” is bisexual. After we have fights, he takes “breaks” and uses them to be with other men. He has several friends who are bisexual or transgender. He is presently in the closet about his status because he comes from a Christian family and lives in a highly conservative area.

He was still maintaining contact last year with his on-again, off-again boyfriend, “Will,” even though he swore nothing was going on between them. He always rushed back to Will or kept him on the side during his other relationships as well. I almost broke up with him four months ago over his hanging out with Will.

Now he wants his friend “Cody,” who is a transgender male, to stay with him for several days for an upcoming concert there. I’m in the process of moving to his area, but I don’t trust him not to have sexual relations outside of ours. My straight male friends have warned me not to trust him.

Should I break up with him because I don’t feel he respects his female partners as much as he does his male ones? It also seems like he has a double standard with sharing phone details. I share mine openly, but he isn’t as open with his, which leads me to think he’s still got someone else on the side. Yet he wants me to see only him. Help!




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