BLM employee rescues young, wild horse that was stuck in mud

BLM employee rescues young, wild horse that was stuck in mud

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A Wild Horse and Burro Specialist with the Bureau of Land Management took action and rescued a young horse after noticing unusual behavior from its mother.

On Wednesday, August 3, Blair Street with BLM Lakeview District, was patrolling the far east side of the Beaty Butte Herd Management Area.

“While approaching Three Lakes Waterhole, during a trip to inspect local water sources and wild horse conditions in the region, something unusual happened,” BLM states. “A wild mare kept running up to Blair’s truck and then to a nearby ridge. After happening several times Blair recognized this as very unusual behavior, especially for a wild horse, and decided to investigate.”

As Street crested the ridge, she found a young foal stuck in the mud.

“I felt a rush of “oh no” emotion when I saw the foal, but after seeing it was alive and raising its head I needed to act and act fast,” Street said.

Street quickly returned to her truck and grabbed any equipment that could be used to free the young horse.

She found a rope and carefully wound it around the rear end of the young horse, which did not resist. After about 30 minutes, Street was able to bring the foal up on dry, solid land.

“After pulling the colt out of the mud, and trying to get it to relax, I checked its legs for any injuries. Not seeing or feeling any, I sat patiently waiting for it to get up,” Street explained.

The horse rejoined its mother soon after, who had been on the ridge watching and waiting the whole time.


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