Ohio woman swears she recorded Bigfoot, though experts are skeptical

Ohio woman swears she recorded Bigfoot, though experts are skeptical

By Angelica Stabile

Is it Bigfoot — or a big fluke?

An Ohio woman claims that Sasquatch has returned to the woods near her home, based on an audio recording that she herself made of what she heard.

Suzanne Ferencak shared with Mansfield News Journal last week that this is the first time she’s ever recorded howling in her nearly decade-long tenure as a Bigfoot hunter.

An analyst described the two-minute recording as having “high potential” of carrying the sounds of one Bigfoot attempting to contact another, the News Journal reported.

“The first howler has a brassy tone to its voice that can be indicative” of Sasquatch, the analyst said.

“There are a couple [of] features in the execution, such as shifting to an ‘AA’ phoneme at the end of the call that are indicative as well, most noticeable in the last two howls.”

Other wildlife experts aren’t so sure the sounds came from a Bigfoot creature, however, according to a USA Today report.

Workers at nearby Mohican State Park suggested that the sounds could’ve come from an alpha male coyote calling its pack.

Suzanne Ferencak is seen on her property in Holmes County on Thursday, July 21, 2022. 

The Bigfoot enthusiast first spotted the beast in May 2013 when it allegedly hopped over a back road southeast of her hometown of Loudonville, Ohio.

Ferencak told the News Journal that her rural home is prime habitat for Bigfoot and, for several years, experienced knocks and howls around the area — as well as other sightings, she said.

The activity had since subsided.

Even so, Ferencak purchased an audio recorder for her backyard to be sure she would not miss anything.

"I've been doing this for nine years," said Ohio resident Susan Ferencak about her hunt for Bigfoot.

“If I’m out, I always have a recorder going,” she told the local news outlet.

“I’ve been doing this for nine years.”

Ferencak finally caught the most recent loud howls on July 3 of this year. She suspects that the sounds came from a young or female Bigfoot calling to her babies.

Ferencak’s previous encounters were documented in the 2017 film “The Back 80.”

As a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a scientific community seeking answers from encounters, she’s motivated to continue spreading awareness based on her own run-ins.

Ferencak plans to share her encounters at Pleasant Hill Lake Park’s Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend in September.

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