Google Street View catches nearly-nude woman balancing on paddleboard

Google Street View catches nearly-nude woman balancing on paddleboard

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People virtually exploring Majorca on Google Street View noticed not one but two oddities in an otherwise idyllic beachside scene on the Spanish island.

Images taken at Cala Na Clara beach, along the east coast of the island, and posted on Reddit show a paddleboarder in a compromising position, the Sun reported. Instead of the intended purpose of the board, the woman can be seen having a little yoga session, pictured on her head in a complicated position.

However, that wasn’t all that captured the attention of eagle-eyed viewers. A second image shows someone’s four-legged friend also giving the board a go, much to the amusement of surprised people.

“Wait a minute is that a dog on a surfboard in the distance?” one user reportedly responded.

The woman showed off her impressive yoga skills.
Just when you think one unusual paddleboard sighting is enough, you see a dog enjoying the sport.

Another was impressed at the woman’s balancing ability.

“I was like, is that woman doing a headstand on a paddle board in the crystalline waters off the coast of Spain?” an incredulous Reddit user wrote.

It’s certainly not the first time Google Street View has caught people in odd positions, with viewers spotting a couple having sex by the side of a highway in photos uploaded earlier in the year.

The explicit images — snapped by a Google Street View van — were reportedly taken on Dukes Highway outside the Australian town of Keith, about halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne.


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