Despite economy, Jill Biden says president is doing a great job

Despite economy, Jill Biden says president is doing a great job

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Love is blind — especially for Jill Biden.

The first lady overlooks record inflation, soaring gas prices and the never-ending baby formula crisis to insist in a new interview that President Biden has been doing a great job.

And she wishes Americans could just see how hard he is working.

“Sometimes it feels like we’re pushing this boulder up the hill, but progress is being made,” Jill Biden told Real Simple magazine in an interview published Tuesday.

“I don’t want to sound like a political ad, but we have done so much. Gas prices are a huge issue, and Joe is, every single day, on the phone talking to leaders about gas and oil. These problems are coming so fast and furious, and certainly a lot of it is dark.

“But I wish people could see more of what Joe has accomplished and how hard he’s working.”

Jill rushed to her husband’s defense — even as his approval rating continues to sink to historic lows and his administration grapples with crisis after crisis.

“It’s a tough time in history. And Joe and I see that,” Jill conceded in the interview, before rattling off a list of achievements for the Biden administration.

“Joe’s been in office for, what, 18 months now? And everybody has access to vaccines. We got the schools reopened — thank God we all got off Zoom — we got health care, we got money for broadband so underserved kids can have internet.”

Her gushing defense of Biden came just days after a Gallup survey found that nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of the president’s job performance — the lowest rating of any modern president.

As of Tuesday, President Biden’s average approval rating sat at an abysmal 38.9%, according to data collected by RealClearPolitics.

But Jill insisted her husband was the right man for the job.

“I think that’s the reason he was elected,” she said.

“He’s steady, he’s strong, he has wisdom, he knows politics, and he knows where he wants to take the country.”

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