Alleged NYC ‘poop perp’ Frank Abrokwa scalded with boiling water on his face while at Rikers Island

Alleged NYC ‘poop perp’ Frank Abrokwa scalded with boiling water on his face while at Rikers Island

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The sicko who allegedly smeared his own feces on a New York City straphanger was scalded in the face with boiling water on Rikers Island, The Post has learned.

Frank Abrokwa’s face is expected to “have scars for the rest of his life” after a fellow Rikers Island detainee splashed him with boiling water late last week at the Anna M. Kross Correctional Facility, jailhouse sources said.

The attacker ironically has the last name “Burns” and was moved to a different housing area following the incident, a source noted.

Abrokwa, who infamously told police “s–t happens” after he was arrested for rubbing his own feces on a 43-year-old woman as she waited for the subway on Feb. 21, had a target on his back following the nauseating incident, sources said.

“He didn’t deserve it but if anyone was going to get burned, he would be the first one in line,” a source noted.

The source pointed out the incident could permanently disfigure Abrokwa, and his attacker, who’s in custody on felony assault charges, will likely be re-arrested on new raps.

Frank Abrokwa
Frank Abrokwa

“You can wash s–t off your face and remain with the mental scars. When it comes to hot water, you will have physical and mental scars for the rest of your life,” the source said.

The events that led up to the violent altercation remain unclear.

Jailhouse sources noted Abrokwa clearly has “mental health issues” and has been known to “snap at the drop of a hat” since he arrived at the notorious jail complex in mid-March.

Frank Abrokwa

“Look at him wrong or say the wrong thing and he was ready to fight,” one source said.

Earlier this year, Abrokwa, 37, became a rallying cry for politicians eager to see changes to New York’s soft-on-crime bail reform laws after he was allegedly caught on surveillance footage defecating into a bag and whacking it across a woman’s face, smearing it in her hair, face and eyes, prosecutors said previously.

Following the incident, Abrokwa was arrested and charged with forcible touching, menacing, disorderly conduct and harassment but because the crimes are considered non-violent, a judge couldn’t set bail in the case and he was allowed to walk free.

He was finally locked up on March 21 after he allegedly barged into an office at a Harlem storage facility, shattered a glass window with a dumbbell and threatened a worker, court records state.

He currently has another five pending cases against him, records show.

The Legal Aid Society, which reps Abrokwa, didn’t immediately return a request for comment.


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