Washington, DC: Republicans shut out Democrats in Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park

Washington, DC: Republicans shut out Democrats in Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park

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By Lawrence Richard

Republican lawmakers emerged victorious at the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Washington, D.C., on Thursday night, after a rain delay interrupted the game.

The Republicans were up 4-0 over the Democrats in the 4th inning, ahead of the delay, and ultimately won the friendly contest, shutting out their opponents 10-0.

The lawmakers took to the Nationals Park field, where the Washington Nationals play. The game continued their annual bipartisan tradition since the first game was played in 1909.

The players wore jerseys from teams in their respective districts or states.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the coach for the Democratic team, said in an interview with Fox News’ Chad Pergram that comradery and the players’ love for baseball was the reason the congressional members continue to set aside their differences for the game.

“This game is so great and people are so nice,” she said. “That’s what makes it great that we’re competitive, and it’s great to be here and have a little fun. ”

She added: “Sometimes I coach, sometimes I’m the umpire. I have my point of view. But it’s always fun.”

Grounds crews cover the field during the rain delay at the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on July 28, 2022.


In addition to uncooperative weather, several protesters attempting to interrupt the bout were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police.

At least three climate activists were arrested, Capitol Police said.


In the days leading up to the game, several left-wing groups threatened to “shut down” the event, prompting a response from U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger, who warned protesters on Wednesday that law enforcement “will not” allow violence or unlawful behavior.


“We are aware that demonstrators are planning to protest political issues at the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity,” Manger said on Twitter. “Our mission is to protect the Members of Congress during this family event, so we have a robust security plan in place.”

He added: “We urge anyone who is thinking about causing trouble at the charity game to stay home. We will not tolerate violence or any unlawful behavior during this family event.”


The annual bipartisan event featured members of the House of Representatives as well as the U.S. Senate.

Republicans celebrated their second victory in a row, having won 13-12 in 2021. Democrats, though, have enjoyed more victories in recent years.


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