‘I don’t want a tradesman working in my home – it makes my house stink’

‘I don’t want a tradesman working in my home – it makes my house stink’

By Danielle Kate Wroe

Finding a tradesperson these days can be really tough – so many just disappear off the face of the earth when you need them to do the work.

That’s why one woman received a huge backlash when she admitted she didn’t want someone to do a job for her because he smoked.

She took to Mumsnet to admit she didn’t want to hire the worker because when he left her house would always smell of cigarettes.

The woman wrote: “We are trying to find a carpenter to do some work. The first one came today to have a look, he seemed good but absolutely stank of smoke.

“He’s been gone over an hour and I can still smell it. I just don’t think I could have him in our house for several days.

“So, would you be honest and give that as the reason or just say you are going with someone else?!”

People were baffled by the seemingly trivial reason she didn’t want to hire him.

One replied: “If I was lucky enough to get a tradesman to actually show up these days I wouldn’t care as long as he did a decent job. Smoking isn’t ideal, but if you lose him you’ll just have to find one somewhere else.”

The original poster replied with a crying with laughter emoji followed by: “That is a very good point!”

Another said: “Definitely wouldn’t give it as a reason as it’s not particularly useful feedback for him is it? I doubt it’s suddenly going to make him give up if he’s a heavy smoker.

“If he was really good I’d just open a window and light a candle or spray some air freshener when he’s gone!”

“I wouldn’t tell him that, no. You’ll sound bonkers”, someone jibed.

One Mumsnet user wrote: “I’m in the trade and where we are, decent carpenters are like rocking horse s***. Well, the ones who are actually available any time soon.

“So it depends how desperate you are but it’s a bit of a wet reason to me and I suspect if you tell him, he will likely thank you secretly as he will think he’s dodged a bullet.”



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