‘The View’ hosts shut down claim that ‘red wave is coming’: ‘You don’t know that’


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By Hanna Panreck

“The View” hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin shut down guest host Alyssa Farah’s claim that a “red wave is coming” in November amid high gas prices and skyrocketing inflation.

“Here’s what I would warn, the red wave is coming. Republicans are going to win the midterms short of something unforeseen that I cannot predict now,” Farah said.

Behar said, “you don’t know that.” Farah pointed to polling, high gas prices and inflation.

A poll released in early June found that Americans rank inflation as the “most urgent issue” facing our country.

“Lets wait and see what the people voted. I understand what you’re saying,” Goldberg said. “Lets remind people it’s up to them to make this decision.”

The hosts discussed former President Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican Party as Tuesday’s primary elections saw one Trump-endorsed candidate win and another lose.

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C, was victorious over Trump-backed candidate, Kate Arrington. However, Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C., lost to Russel Fry, who was endorsed by the former president, in South Carolina’s 7th district Republican primary.

Hostin said that she believed people were paying attention to the Jan. 6 hearings and that she agreed with Behar.

Gas station prices in New Jersey sky-rocketing.

“We don’t know that red-wave is coming because that red-wave is based on a big lie,” Hostin continued.

She praised President Biden for his “solutions” to the baby formula shortage crisis, inflation and gas prices, and said that Republicans “at every single turn” have been voting against the solutions.

The national average for the price of gas hit $5.014 on Wednesday. The average hit $5 per gallon on Saturday.

“They’ve been voting against it so that we can’t solve those problems, and I think that’s disgusting on the part of your party,” Hostin said, turning to Farah.

Farah said she would “push back” and declared that it isn’t “enough to run” on the idea that had the Build Back Better bill been passed, things could be different. She said that economists came out against Biden’s plan and argued it would have made things worse. “We’ve got to solve this,” she continued.

President Joe Biden arrives at the White House from a weekend trip to his Delaware home, May 9, 2022.


“This is the job of the president. He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing,” Goldberg said. “Yeah, maybe your account is lower, but you have more money after you had no job for two years then you had before. So you have to balance and look at what everything is. So in the upcoming months, keep your eye on what’s going on, keep your eye on who has the solutions and if the solutions are doable and why they’re not getting done. That’s what we’re supposed to do. We are the only thing between total ridiculousness in this country, and getting out lives back in some sort of order.”

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 8.6% in May from a year ago.

The president sent a letter to oil CEOs on Wednesday, threatening the use of “emergency powers” if they don’t increase the supply of gasoline.

In addition to placing blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, he placed some blame on the companies high profit margins.

“Your companies and others have an opportunity to take immediate actions to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined product you are producing,” the president wrote in a letter to oil companies. “My administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate Federal Government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied.”


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